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Astrology Gifts for Your Horoscope-Obsessed Friends

astrology gifts
Design By Morgan McMullen

When she has her birth chart memorized by heart (and I'm not just talkin' about her sun and her moon—I'm talkin' rising, Jupiter, Mars, and Venus), breaking through the mainstream horoscope obsession seems like an impossible gift-giving task. Still, whether she chooses who she dates based on their sign or admits her knowledge extends little beyond her sun sign, there's a gift for every type of horoscope-loving friend. See what's written in the stars, ahead.

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Written in the Stars Cheese Board

A customizable constellation cheese board perfect for post-pandemic cocktail parties? Say less. 

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Zodiac Mug
Urban Outfitters

Any Taurus, Gemini, or Scorpio will love waking up every morning and drinking from this cute ceramic zodiac mug. 

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Oversized Zodiac Crewneck Graphic Sweatshirt
Good American

Found: a cozy crewneck zodiac sweatshirt to live in on the weekends (...or during those Zoom calls to remind your coworkers who they're dealing with). 

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Zodiac Bath Balm Set

Musee's handmade, cruelty-free, ethically-sourced, all-natural zodiac bath balm set is exactly what the Cancer in your life needs to help them unwind after a long day. No Cancer's in your life? You can find the rest of the zodiac bath balm collection here.

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Zodiac Embroidered Appliquéd Canvas Clutch
Olympia Le-Tan

Olympia Le-Tan's gorgeous zodiac canvas clutch, which resembles a book, is unequivocally a piece they'll cherish forever. 

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2021 Zodiac Calendar
Paper Source

Paper Source's 2021 wall calendar is complete with all 12 zodiac signs and the characteristics that accompany each of them. 

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Birthdate Book
Birthdate Co.

Only the most astrology-obsessed friends will appreciate Birthdate Co.'s personalized Birthdate Book analyzing their birth chart in 70 detailed pages. Along with their birthday, you'll need to know their birth time and birth location, so make sure to ask...discreetly. 

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Seeing Stars Book

A cute mini book exploring the history of their zodiac sign? Check.  

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Zodiac Bandana

Bandanas don't replace medical-grade masks, but this zodiac bandana could certainly double as one in case of an emergency (a.k.a. when your friend forgets their real mask at home). Or, you know, they can just wear it as an actual bandana or scarf!

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Birthdate Candle
Birthdate Co.

From the same brand as the birthdate book, this Birthdate Candle is customized based on their birthday and provides a mini astrological history of the special day on the back. 

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Astrology Coin Necklace

When you're proud of your sign and you want everyone to know it, put on this gold coin necklace. Your Leo friends will really appreciate it because...well...you know. 

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2021 Astrological Planner
Magic of I

You'll never not be prepared for Mercury Retrograde again thanks to Magic of I's astrology planner, equipped with plenty of space for new moon intention journal pages, menstrual cycle tracking, analyzing planetary movements, and, of course, your to-do list. For more 2021 planners and agendas, head over here

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Cosmos Key Necklace
Sewuit Sium

This cosmos key "draws upon the timeless power of the celestial," according to the brand Sewuit Sium, as a forever reminder to be yourself. We can't think of anything more important as we enter a new year. 

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Zodiac Series Cancer Art Print
Emanuela Carratoni

Considering Cancers spend most of their time at home (they're very used to the pandemic life!), add a special touch to their space with this Cancer art print by Emanuela Carratoni. 

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Sleep Mask Zodiac

Every Taurus who loves their bed will appreciate this luxe silk sleep eye mask to protect against fine lines and wrinkles. What? We need our beauty sleep. 

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Sagesse Universum Medallion

Albeit on the pricier side, Almasika's gorgeous Sagesse Universum Medallion represents the universe and all of the glorious wisdom it holds. Have her cling to the necklace tight when she needs a reminder to trust it. 

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Mini Notebook Set
Cavallini Papers

She'll love this mini notebook set to write down her thoughts, and, of course, keep track of all her friends' birth charts.

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Zodiac Jewelry Dish

No more throwing our jewelry on the dresser...we're grown adults now. Buy her this trinket dish to place her earrings and bracelets on before she hops in the shower. 

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Zodiac Bracelet

Gift this dainty zodiac bracelet, available in silver or gold, to the favorite Scorpio in your life. 

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Constellation Pouch

Social Libras will appreciate this on-the-go vegan leather constellation pouch—available for all 12 signs—to throw in knick-knacks like hair ties, tampons, and credit cards. 

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Zodiac Candle
Cynthia Rowley

Who doesn't appreciate a great candle? Set the mood with Cynthia Rowley's zodiac-printed candle infused with tuscan rosemary, clack currant, bulgarian rose, red currant buds, wild lavender, tubernose nectar, oakmoss, and geranium leaves. 

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Zodiac 14-Karat Gold Earrings
Stone and Strand

A cute pair of Stone and Strand gold zodiac earrings is the perfect holiday present. Mix it up and get her sun and moon sign if she truly identifies with both. 

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'The Astrology of You and Me' By Gary Goldschneider

Relationships can be tricky, especially when you find yourself attracted to the Sagittarius in the bar even though you know they're no good for you. The Astrology of You and Me dives deep into the relationships we have with others based on their sign, and how to co-exist peacefully. 

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Louis In the Sky Zodiac Necklace
Louis Vuitton

Any luxury-loving sign (ahem, Taurus and Virgo) will cherish this Louis Vuitton medallion necklace, which includes an animal from the Chinese Zodiac and, of course, the signature LV initials. It's currently out of stock online, but you can search for in-store availability near you. 

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A Gold-Plated Ring
Catbird NYC

A gold-plated ring featuring astrological mythology and imagery all 12 signs will be obsessed with. 

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Constellation Coasters
West Elm

No hostess will be able to resist this dreamy set of four constellation coasters.

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