The Best Horror Movie Reboots of All Time — and a Few of the Very Worst

It's scary how many bad reboots are out there.

Look, it's tough to come up with an original concept in Hollywood these days. Classics are being rebooted left and right, from Marvel sagas to rom-coms like 'A Star is Born.' And classic horror movies are no exception.

Here are the horror remakes you should definitely add to your queue—and the ones that should've never been made.

BEST: Let Me In

Chloë Grace Moretz stars in this American remake of the 2008 Swedish film about the friendship between a bullied boy and mysterious young girl with a dark secret. It's heavy on the gore but actually kind of sweet, in a twisted way.

WORST: Psycho

Gus Van Sant is no Alfred Hitchcock, and Vince Vaughn is no Norman Bates. For a solid re-imagining of the Psycho story, binge-watch Bates Motel.

BEST: Evil Dead

There's nobody quite like Bruce Campbell's Ash Williams (from the original Evil Dead series,) but the 2013 remake still offers plenty of fun with the Necronomicon. Jane Levy's portrayal of drug-addicted and demon-ridden Mia is definitely among the most memorable possession performances in horror history.

WORST: The Wicker Man

Unfortunately, Nicolas Cage’s laughably bad 2006 remake has completely overshadowed the 1973 British original. Ignore Cage’s meme-worthy acting and go on a twisted ride with the version that has been described as “The Citizen Kane of horror movies."

BEST: Dawn of the Dead

Remaking Romero should be a cardinal sin, and yet it works. It might even be better based on that opening scene and the achievements in zombie effects over the decades between both versions. Modern Family star Ty Burrell as the ultimate sleazebag is an added bonus.

WORST: Pulse

Not all Japanese horror adaptations can be The Ring. This one starring Kristen Bell about a deadly computer virus was a real dud, despite being co-written by Wes Craven.

BEST: The Fly

Jeff Goldblum wasn't the first guy to become "The Fly," but David Cronenberg's 1986 version far surpasses Kurt Neumann's 1958 original. Besides, everything is better with Geena Davis.

WORST: Prom Night

Not even Idris Elba could save this one from being a total stinker. Remaking 1980’s Prom Night was actually a good call, but the 2008 version didn’t live up to that potential.

BEST: Rob Zombie's Halloween

If you could look past the fact that this is a Halloween movie with someone other than Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode, you’ll find a lot to enjoy from Rob Zombie’s take on John Carpenter’s slasher classic. Zombie’s other horror entries have solidified his place among the great horror directors.

WORST: Poltergeist

This is one of those remakes where the changes from the original just ruin the original vision. They threw in iPads, drones, and a lot more clowns, and none of it made the movie any better.


The original TV mini-series based on Stephen King’s novel had plenty to love, specifically Tim Curry’s Pennywise, but the 2017 big screen version wins out. The sequel coming in 2019 is shaping up to be just as impressive, if the cast (Jessica Chastain, James McAvoy, Bill Hader) is any indication.

WORST: Mirrors

Based on a 2003 South Korean movie, this 2008 adaptation about people getting killed by their own reflections was a total misfire. It’s a bit of a flimsy premise to begin with, so maybe they should’ve just left well enough alone.

BEST: House of Wax

It doesn’t have critical acclaim. It does have Paris Hilton and Chad Michael Murray. It’s like a time capsule of the early '00s, and it’s kind of perfect in that way.

WORST: My Bloody Valentine 3D

3-D horror doesn’t have a great track record. Jaws 3D and Friday the 13th Part III…both pretty terrible. You can’t throw some 3-D technology over a mediocre horror story and expect something magical to happen. Scream helped revive the teen slasher genre, and My Bloody Valentine 3D helped kill it again.

BEST: Silent House

Elizabeth Olsen stars in this remake of a 2010 Uruguayan movie called La Casa Muda. Horror movies aren’t always known for quality filmmaking, but Silent House is worth checking out for its "real time" footage and its presentation as a single take.

WORST: Children of the Corn

The "creepy children" premise mixed with weird religious stuff in a desolate town should be a recipe for success. It was when the original was released in 1984. This 2009 TV remake missed the mark completely. "He Who Walks Behind the Rows" should’ve just walked right off set.

BEST: The Hills Have Eyes

Neither the 2006 remake nor Wes Craven’s 1977 original are for the faint of heart. It follows a family on a road trip who break down in the New Mexico desert and must fend off mutants living in the area.

WORST: The Haunting

The 1999 remake of the 1963 haunted house film is a prime example of how CGI can make or break a horror film. In this case, break is an understatement. This one probably still haunts stars Liam Neeson, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Owen Wilson. Lets hope Netflix’s series adaptation is better executed.

BEST: Willard

Crispin Glover has the creeper vibe down to a science in this remake of the 1971 film about a man who uses his pet rats to get revenge against people who wrong him. The 2003 version didn’t make much of a splash, but trust that it will deliver chills especially if rodents aren’t really your thing.

Adam Schubak

Adam is a writer based out of New York City who loves video games, horror movies, and cats (the musical and the animal.)