The Cast of 'Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart' and What We Know About Them

Every cast member of ABC's 'The Bachelor Presents: Listen To Your Heart,' and what we know about them.

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Welp, considering the postponement of The Bacheloretteand if it does air, it'll run in a modified format)the possible cancellation of Bachelor in Paradise, and the definite cancellation of Bachelor Summer Games, Bachelor Nation is desperate for interesting content. Just in time, it would seem, comes The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart. ICYMI, this potentially interesting/bonkers show was apparently inspired by the chemistry between Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper performing from A Star Is Born at the Oscars (hopefully with a slightly happier ending, given what we know about their characters in that film). Reality Steve came up with a few show details: Chris Harrison will host (obv), there might be rose ceremonies or voting, it runs from April to May, the contestants live in a mansion (not THE mansion) in L.A., they go on Bachelor-themed dates as well as performing music alone/as a duet, and the finale took place in Nashville, TN. Whichever couple wins gets the chance to record original music, make one or more music videos, and potentially go on tour—although that last part's probably in doubt given the coronavirus. And you can bet that a few of these contestants may show up on future Bachelor shows. So who's headed onstage looking for love, fame as a singer, and entry into the Bachelorverse? We'll keep the post updated as the show goes on. 

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