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'The Real World' Cast Members: Then and Now

Here's what all of your favorite "MTV-lebrities" are up to in 2021.

2002 mtv video music awards   arrivals
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For 33 drama-filled seasons, we watched as eight strangers were picked to live in a house to find out what happens when (say it with us now!) people stop being polite and start getting real. Yes, we're talking about The Real World. If you were lucky enough to watch the series play out live on television in the '90s and into the early aughts, then you'll recognize many of these fan favorites. We dug deep into the past and present to bring you an update on some of the most popular The Real World roommates of all time, below.

the real world karamo brown
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Then: Karamo Brown

When Karamo Brown joined the cast of The Real World: Philadelphia in 2004, it was a monumental moment, as he was the first openly gay Black man to appear on the show. Afterward, Brown was recognized at the 16th Annual GLAAD Media Awards for sharing his story on the series.

the real world karamo brown
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Now: Karamo Brown

After his season ended, Brown appeared in MTV's spin-off show, The Challenge. He didn't return to TV until 2012, when he began appearing on talk shows as a correspondent. In 2018, his career exploded when he was cast in Netflix's Queer Eye as the culture expert. Following his newfound success, he released a memoir and a podcast.

the real world chris 'ct' tamburello
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Then: Chris 'CT' Tamburello

The Boston native rose to fame in 2003 on The Real World: Paris and was the "bad boy" amongst his roommates, who included Adam King, Mallory Snyder, Ace Amerson, and Christina Trainor.

the real world chris 'ct' tamburello
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Now: Chris 'CT' Tamburello

Tamburello has remained in the MTV spotlight as a regular competitor on The Challenge. Since 2004, he has regularly appeared on the show, including the most recent season. In 2018, he married Lilianet Solares.

the real world jamie chung
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Then: Jamie Chung

Jamie Chung was only 20 years old when she was on The Real World: San Diego in 2004. Afterward, she joined the cast of Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Inferno II in 2005. "It's a great experience that I would never trade for the world," Chung told the BUILD Series about her time on reality TV, while lamenting about the lack of privacy.

the real world jamie chung
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Now: Jamie Chung

Many people are surprised by Chung's Real World past since she's managed to turn it into something most reality stars have failed to do: a successful acting career. She's appeared in movies like The Hangover Part III, Eden, Sorority Row, and Grown Ups. She's been married to One Tree Hill actor Bryan Greenberg since 2015.

the real world cameran eubanks
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Then: Cameran Eubanks

In 2004, Cameran Eubanks arrived by boat to her beachfront pad in The Real World: San Diego. She made an impression with audiences and quickly became a fan-favorite cast member who had a massive crush on her roommate, Brad.

the real world cameran eubanks
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Now: Cameran Eubanks

After her time in California, Eubanks moved back to her native South Carolina, but managed to continue her work in reality TV on Bravo's Southern Charm. The Charlestonian works as a real estate broker and has been married to her husband, Jason Wimberly, since 2014. They welcomed a daughter, Palmer, in 2018.

the real world irulan wilson
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Then: Irulan Wilson

Who could forget Irulan Wilson, one of the cast members of the iconic season of The Real World: Las Vegas in 2002? The popular cast member returned to MTV the year after she left The Real World house to appear on The Challenge.

irulan wilson
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Now: Irulan Wilson

Besides a few appearances in the early 2000s and a role in the film Young Cesar, Wilson keeps a low profile these days. In 2007, she returned to the screen for MTV's Reunited: The Real World Las Vegas with her former co-stars.

the real world jacinda barrett
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Then: Jacinda Barrett

When MTV decided to go international in 1995 with The Real World: London, the Australian native was one of the lucky people cast in the show. Unfortunately, the season wasn't super memorable, besides the fact that it was shot across the pond.

the real world jacinda barrett
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Now: Jacinda Barrett

After she made her TV debut, Barrett got her big break in the 1997 film, Campfire Tales. The actress has since appeared in Bridget Jones: Edge of Reason and Ladder 49, and earned guest spots on TV series like Suits and Bloodline. In 2018, she attended the royal wedding with her husband, Gabriel Macht, who co-starred on Suits with Meghan Markle.

the real world robin hibbard
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Then: Robin Hibbard

Robin Hibbard left behind her job at Coyote Ugly in Tampa, Florida, for her spot on the 2004 season of The Real World: San Diego. The outgoing and bubbly 24-year-old was known as the house's resident party girl.

the real world robin hibbard
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Now: Robin Hibbard

Afterward, Hibbard joined MTV's The Challenge and was a regular on the show until 2012. She is now a mom of two children, including a son, Ethan, and daughter, Raina Monroe.

the real world trishelle cannatella
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Then: Trishelle Cannatella

The Southern belle and conservative Christian made a splash on the 2002 season of The Real World: Las Vegas—mostly in the hot tub. Her relationship with Steven was one of the most drama-filled storylines of the season.

trishelle cannatella
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Now: Trishelle Cannatella

Like many of her co-stars, Cannatella appeared on The Challenge after her season before branching out to other reality shows, like Fear Factor and The Surreal Life. She also had a modeling career, during which she appeared on the cover of Playboy and was in a Super Bowl commercial for GoDaddy.com. According to her Instagram, she's married and lives in New Orleans, Louisiana.

the real world paula meronek
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Then: Paula Meronek

You may know her as Paula Walnuts, the nickname she was given while living in The Real World: Key West house in 2006. The 25-year-old waitress became one of the season's most complex roommates due to her honesty and openness regarding her body issues, abusive boyfriend, and relationship with alcohol.

paula meronek
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Now: Paula Meronek

Today, Meronek identifies more as a business owner, wife, and mother of three children than as a reality TV star. After appearing on The Real World, she sought help for the issues she battled throughout the season and appeared on The Challenge. Meronek now works as the regional office manager at Power Home Remodeling in New Jersey.

the real world johnny 'bananas' devenanzio
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Then: Johnny 'Bananas' Devenanzio

When he entered the Key West house in 2006, he was simply John Devenanzio from the University of Pennsylvania. By the time he left, he was known as Johnny Bananas due to all of the pranks he and Tyler Duckworth pulled in the house. For obvious reasons, he became a fan favorite.

the real world johnny 'bananas' devenanzio
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Now: Johnny 'Bananas' Devenanzio

Devenanzio turned his newfound fame into a lasting career on MTV and has appeared on 20 seasons of The Challenge. In 2015, he branched out into acting and was most recently in Reboot Camp. He also served as a host for NBC's travel show, 1st Look.

the real world wes bergmann
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Then: Wes Bergmann

The Real World: Austin star entered the house in 2005 as a 20-year-old jock who was prone to getting into conflicts with his roommates...and had an ego to match.

the real world wes bergmann
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Now: Wes Bergmann

Bergmann followed the lead of his Real World predecessors and moved on to The Challenge. He's appeared on 14 seasons and reportedly has made more than $298,000 in winnings. In 2018, he married Amanda Hornick in the presence of many of his Real World co-stars.

the real world beth stolarczyk
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Then: Beth Stolarczyk

An OG Real World star, Beth Stolarczyk appeared on season two in 1993, which took place in Los Angeles. She was known as the drama queen of the roommates—especially to Glen Naessens.

the real world beth stolarczyk
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Now: Beth Stolarczyk

After appearing on numerous seasons of The Challenge, Stolarczyk started her own production company in 2004 and worked as a producer for networks like Pay-Per-View and DirecTV. She is married and has two children, Julia and Nicholas.

the real world coral smith
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Then: Coral Smith

Coral Smith first appeared on television in 2001 as one of the castmates on The Real World: Back to New York. Throughout the season, which included a trip to Morocco, Smith stirred up plenty of drama, but was still a fan favorite.

the real world coral smith
Jean Baptiste LacroixGetty Images
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Now: Coral Smith

Smith, like so many others, appeared on The Challenge next. In 2002, she was named the champion of Battle of the Seasons. In 2019, Coral debuted a new profile picture on Twitter, but otherwise keeps a low profile. According to her website, she has a daughter and lives in San Francisco.

the real world rachel campos
Ron Galella, Ltd.Getty Images
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Then: Rachel Campos

Rachel Campos was on The Real World: San Francisco in 1994, the third season of the show, and later returned to reality TV for Road Rules: All Stars in 1999. It was there that she met her husband, former The Real World: Boston cast member Sean Duffy.

the real world rachel campos
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Now: Rachel Campos

Throughout her MTV career, Campos spoke openly about her Republican affiliation, so it shouldn't be a surprise that she currently works for Fox News. She's still married to Sean—he's a former Republican congressman—and they welcomed their ninth child together in 2019.

the real world mike mizanin
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Then: Mike Mizanin

In 2001, Mike Mizanin was the loud mouth in the house on The Real World: Back to New York. The star constantly butted heads with roommate Coral Smith and earned his nickname "The Miz" during the season.

the real world mike mizanin
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Now: Mike Mizanin

After gaining fame on The Real World, Mizanin took his new nickname and turned it into a professional wrestling career. He is currently signed to the WWE, where he performs for the SmackDown series. He's married to another professional wrestler, Maryse Ouellet, who has never seen his MTV episodes.

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