The Cast of Netflix's 'Virgin River' Has Some Familiar Faces

Get to know the residents of the (fictional) NorCal town of Virgin River.

virgin river
(Image credit: Netflix)

They say that small towns have the biggest secrets, and if the close-knit characters of the town of Virgin River (opens in new tab) are any indication, "they" are absolutely right. Sure, Virgin River is a fictional town (opens in new tab) with fictional drama, but anyone who's watched Virgin River and hasn't gotten completely and totally invested in the tangly love lives, work lives, and general life lives of Mel, Jack, Doc, Hope, and the rest of their neighbors, friends, and frenemies is simply lying to themselves—or keeps getting up for bathroom breaks at the worst possible times. Like all great soapy shows before it, Virgin River boasts a jam-packed cast of characters who come and go dramatically, double as their own secret twins, and may or may not be hiding secret identities. It's a lot to keep track of, so here's a crash course in who's who on Virgin River.

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