You, Lowly Non-HBO-Haver, Can Now Watch HBO for Free

Just in time for Game of Thrones, Veep, and Silicon Valley.

HBO Now Streaming Service Available to Non Subscribers
(Image credit: Marie Claire)

You—yes, you—with your lowest-priced cable package or your roommate's friend's dad's streaming sign-in that you found out they just changed and you're stuck trying to guess the new password; you, planning your "girls' nights" so they coincide with your favorite HBO programs that you can watch at your friend's house—now is your time.

HBO has just released their standalone streaming service, HBO Now, and you can rest easy knowing the world is a better place. At $15 a month, we can all stream. Everyone. Together. Now anyone (well, anyone with an iPhone or iPad or Apple TV) can watch Daenerys wrangle her dragons on Game of Thrones, Hannah Horvath say something infuriating on Girls, and Gary, well, just be Gary on Veep.

This is what joy feels like. Pure, unadulterated joy.

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