The Trailer for 'Anastasia the Musical' Will Likely Give You Chills, So Please Prepare Accordingly

Rasputin + Bartok the Bat 4EVA.

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Please try not to flail at your desk in excitement, but the first teaser trailer for Anastasia the Musical is here, and this is us right now:


In other words, our bodies are ready.

In the unlikely event that you didn't spend your formative years shipping Anastasia and Dimitri (AKA Meg Ryan and John Cusack) in the animated film, Anastasia tells the story of the of the last Romanov princess, who escaped execution and lived as a chill orphan until discovering that—whoops!—she's royalty. The hijinks!

Naturally Anastasia falls in love while trying to reunite with her grandmother in Paris, only to find out that her crush Dimitri is totally using her for reward money. UGH, Dimitri, WHY?


Anyway it's an amazing film and is poised to be an even better musical—at least based off this teaser trailer featuring the music box Anastasia's grandmother gave her, not to mention a sinister-looking cauldron. You know what that means...Rasputin vibes are strong with this one.

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