The Most Endearingly Awkward GIFs from the Oscars Red Carpet

Prayer circle for Ryan Seacrest.

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While the Oscars red carpet is a chance to watch a squad of gorgeous people wearing gorgeous outfits, it also brings out the adorable awkward nerd in everybody, and we're here for it. This year's carpet was particularly GIF-able (thanks, Ryan Seacrest!), and we're bringing you the highlights.

When Justin Timberlake Couldn't Stop the Feeling

And Karlie Kloss Had No Idea What Was Happening with Her Dress

And When Ryan Seacrest Was Completely Rejected

And Then Chatted to Chrissy Teigen, Who Fully Grabbed Her Boob

And Then Made This Face

When Dakota Johnson and Ryan Seacrest Had a Weird Conversation About Makeup

And Leslie Mann and Judd Apatow Reacted to the Possibility of Being Married Another 20 Years

When Scarlett Johansson Shaded Ryan Seacrest

And Justin Timberlake Made This Face

And Continued to Be Unable to Stop the Feeling

Because, Literally, the Feeling Is Forever

No, Seriously

And Finally, When Everybody Just Stood There and Watched Karlie Kloss Take a Selfie

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