The Internet Is Coming Up with New Mottos for United Airlines and They Are Next Level

Probably time to get a new PR person.

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On Monday, a horrifying viral video emerged, showing authorities violently dragging a passenger–who claimed to be a doctor who needed to get to his patients–out of a United Airlines flight.

According to reports, the flight in question was overbooked, and when no one volunteered to give up their seat, the airline selected four passengers at random in order to make room for United employees who needed to make connecting flights. When the doctor was selected for removal and refused to comply, he was forcibly dragged off of the plane, covered in blood after being slammed into the armrest between chairs.

The video provoked widespread shock and outrage, as people called for the boycott of the airline, which was only recently embroiled in another controversy for barring two female teenagers from boarding a flight because they were wearing leggings. Once the initial shock wore off, however, the Internet fought back the best way it knows how: with glorious, savage memes.

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