Are Alex Hall and Tyler Stanaland from 'Selling the O.C.' Dating?

Here's what we know on whether the flirty friendship grew into something more.

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By the time season 2 of Selling the O.C. arrived on Netflix on September 8, the flirtatious friendship between realtors Alex Hall and Tyler Stanaland was already a much-debated topic. (Remember the "nosey" discourse?) The pair came under scrutiny when Stanaland and Brittany Snow announced their separation after two years of marriage in September 2022, with the Pitch Perfect actress later filing for divorce the following January. Romance rumors between Hall and Tyler quickly began to fly as they were seen together often, and the new eight-episode season shows that the pair were also a hot topic in the O Group's O.C. office.

While the two realtors insisted they were only close friends at the beginning of season 2, by the end the duo's relationship got much more intimate. After that final hot tub scene, viewers are wondering whether Hall and Tyler are now an item. Below, read on for everything we know about the couple's status.

What happens between Tyler and Hall on 'Selling the O.C.' season 2?

The oft-debated status of Hall and Tyler's relationship was the source of eighty percent of the drama on Selling the O.C. season 2. (Fifteen percent came from the dissolution of Jarvis and Rose's friendship and the final five was actually real-estate focused.) At the start of the season, the pair insisted that they were just good friends and had never so much as kissed. Tyler was still in the midst of his divorce during filming, but gossip about the pair filled the office and even spread out into the wider world of O.C. real estate, as Hall and Tyler's (and to a lesser note Polly's) constant friendly flirtation started to look different in retrospect to some of the cast. Most of the O Group realtors stayed out of it, except Polly who was staunchly team Hall and Tyler getting together (even though Polly and Tyler shared a friendly drunken kiss at some point when he was separated), and Brandi who voiced her concerns to the demise of her and Hall's friendship.

Meanwhile, Hall and Tyler were presented on the show as kind of star-crossed and meant-to-be as they became closer while commiserating about their respective divorces. There was an emphasis on how they both grew up in the O.C. but never really knew each other, and they had plenty of sweet moments including Tyler meeting Hall's family. By the end of the season, during Polly's birthday party in April 2023, Tyler and Hall finally take the next step when they got a moment alone in a hot tub. After admitting that they "always had a very flirty relationship," Tyler tells Hall, "I would be lying if I said I didn’t think about us being more than friends." Hall replies that she's had those thoughts too, before admitting that there had been a "wall" since they started out as friends.

The conversation then pivots towards the future, as Hall explains that she wasn't "looking for something casual." The single mom says that she wanted more kids, and that she'd been "on a mission to find a f*cking husband" for the past few years. Tyler responds that he "wanted kids 10 years ago," and that the "biggest loss" he felt in his divorce was "the fact that [he] was starting over." He tells Hall he wanted to take her to dinner, even though she "[scares] the f*ck" out of him. 

"You are different than anybody I’ve ever dated,” he says. “You’re loud. You’re opinionated. You are a f*cking nightmare. And I genuinely, like, I love everything about you.” After mutually agreeing that they were "opening Pandora’s Box," they go in for a steamy, cliffhanging kiss, ending the season with viewers questioning, "Will they or won't they?"

tyler stanaland alex hall selling the o.c. season 2

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Are Hall and Tyler together now?

As of now, Hall and Tyler haven't publicly defined their relationship as anything beyond friends. (Tyler's divorce was finalized in July 2023.) In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Hall gave the outlet a statement that pretty much matches where the pair stood by the end of season 2. "We are navigating our friendship right now," she said. "That's our priority."

However, Hall did add that Selling the O.C. season 3 (which is currently finishing up production) will provide all the answers for what happened between her and Tyler stand post-kiss. Meaning, the Selling crew likely plans to keep any possible spoilers to the upcoming episodes under wraps.

"You guys get to have a first look at what we went through," Hall continued. "I think one thing about this show, and this cast is, we are all—most of us—we wear our hearts on our sleeves and we're not afraid to give you guys 110 percent of us, and that also plays into season 3 and where the finale of season 2 left off with Tyler and I in the hot tub."

On Tyler's end, he addressed their relationship in an interview with Us Weekly. "I think we’re still navigating our friendship," he told the outlet. "Obviously, you see in season 2 [that] we explore some things. It leads to a steamy moment and I think we’re still kind of trying to figure it out, but we remain really close friends and I don’t have an answer [on where we stand] for you at the moment."

Of course, there's still a chance that the O.C. cast members will let some hints slip on social media in the coming weeks. Hall herself posted a clip on Instagram yesterday from what appears to be a pool day with half of the office. At one point, as she introduces members of the O Group, Polly yells "Tylex!" and points at Alex and Tyler. The pair's response to the pet name is pretty chill, so they're at least on good terms whether or not their friendship grew into something more.

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