The Highly Anticipated 'Three Women' Miniseries Adaptation Finally Has a Premiere Date

Shailene Woodley, Betty Gilpin, and DeWanda Wise star in the miniseries based on Lisa Taddeo's beloved 2019 nonfiction book.

shailene woodley in three women
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If you read Lisa Taddeo's Three Women upon its release in 2019 and instantly fell in love with it (like we did at Marie Claire), you've been patiently waiting for the series adaptation.

Shortly after the nonfiction book about the sexual and emotional lives of three women from different backgrounds was published, Showtime ordered a series adaptation. It entered production in late 2021, but by early 2023, the network had dropped the completed series. Months later, it was subsequently picked back up by Starz.

Finally, as IndieWire reports, a release date has been announced for the highly anticipated project, which stars Shailene Woodley, Betty Gilpin, DeWanda Wise, and Gabrielle Creevy. Three Women will officially premiere on Starz on Friday, September 13, with episodes hitting the Starz app at midnight and 10 p.m. ET on cable.

The 10-episode series (which aired earlier this year in Australia) should be considered a must-watch for anybody who loves prestige book-to-miniseries adaptations (hello, Big Little Lies alum Shailene Woodley!), complex female characters, and empowering stories. In the show, Woodley plays a stand-in for Taddeo, who herself spent eight weeks interviewing the subjects of her best-selling nonfiction book, and Gilpin, Wise, and Creevy play women inspired by the names she spoke to.

The Starz drama, created by Taddeo, follows writer Gia who sets out to interview three "ordinary" women to tell their personal stories as she faces grief in her own family. She'll meet a housewife having an affair (Gilpin), a woman in an open marriage (Wise), and a student who is seeing her married teacher (Creevy).

The official synopsis reads: "Three women are on a crash course to radically overturn their lives. Lina (Gilpin), a homemaker in suburban Indiana, is a decade into a passionless marriage when she embarks on an affair that quickly becomes all-consuming and transforms her life. Sloane (Wise), a glamorous entrepreneur in the Northeast, has a committed open marriage with Richard (Blair Underwood), until two sexy new strangers threaten their aspirational love story. Maggie (Creevy), a student in North Dakota, weathers an intense storm after accusing her married English teacher of an inappropriate relationship. When writer Gia (Woodley) persuades each of them to tell her their stories, they change the course of her life forever."

In addition to Taddeo being billed as the show's creator, she executive produces alongside Emmy Rossum and Kathy Ciric (Inventing Anna), and Laura Eason (House of Cards) is on as showrunner.

Along with the news of the premiere date, Starz also released a handful of first-look images, which you can check out below.

betty gilpin in three women

Betty Giplin as unfulfilled housewife Lina at a doctor's appointment in Three Women.

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dewanda wise and blair underwood in three women

DeWanda Wise as Sloane, enjoying an event with her husband Richard played by Blair Underwood, in Three Women.

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gabrielle creevy and jason ralph in three women

Jason Ralph as teacher Aaron Knodel speaking to his student Maggie, played by Gabrielle Creevy.

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gabrielle creevy as maggie in three women

Gabrielle Creevy as Maggie, looking dejected, in Three Women.

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