16 Fashion Secrets from a Celebrity Stylist

How to spend your money wisely.

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We asked celebrity stylist, Erin Walsh, to spill her styling secrets so we can spend our fall wardrobe allowance wisely.

1. Understand your best and favorite features and how to play them up! Some of my favorite features to emphasize with style are women's collar bone, wrists and ankles–they're all very feminine and can be embellished beautifully with the right garment or jewelry.

2. It's important to know your body shape and the styles that look best on you, but then it's all about proportion. Trapeze cuts are flattering for most body types if you balance the proportion so you don't lose your shape. Also, an inch longer or shorter for skirts and pants can make a huge difference in flattering your figure.

3. When wearing sleeveless styles, we often think about the look of our arms, but forget to think about our underarms! Using a moisturizing deodorant like Dove Advanced Care will give you softer, smoother underarms in just three days.

4. Have a tailor on speed dial! You can make inexpensive pieces look like they were made for you, or even transform an old top or skirt into something more fashion forward for the season like turning a shirt into a crop top.

5. Know the value of undergarments and how they can best flatter your body shape and your style. Many women don't know the full range of options available, and with so many different silhouettes in fashion it's important to have the right undergarments to complement look.

6. The easiest way to transition pieces season to season is with layering and playing up different textures is the best way to transition an outfit from season to season. For example, you can pair a white shirt dress with thick ribbed black tights, boots and an oversize cardigan to counterbalance the lightness of the fabric.

7. To build a closet full of staples, you need versatile items in your wardrobe. Start with a few key pieces that you can wear with most things you have. A piece you should absolutely invest in is a perfectly fitting blazer, smoking jacket, or cropped jacket that can be worn with jeans, a dress, on a plane, etc. Also, figure out the style of jeans that looks best on you and buy them in a few colors. Another must-have is a white men's-style shirt–they're great as a top layer and perfect for throwing on with jeans.

8. A style that looks good on every body type. Everyone should own is a trapeze or A-line cut dress—they're generally always flattering, but make sure the proportions are correct. Too much fabric can be unflattering and take away from your shape!

9. You should always splurge on high-quality blazers and jackets. They are staples you can have for years and are definitely worth the investment.

10. Jeans are an item that can be inexpensive as long as you like the fit and the wash. Trendy summer sandals can be found for less, too!

11. Ask yourself if you've worn the item in a year, and if you haven't, get rid of it (unless it's a family heirloom)!Don't think about pieces individually, but how they can go with other items in your closet. If you can't see yourself making an outfit out of something that makes you feel confident, it's probably a good idea to get rid of the item.

12. Tailoring is incredibly important. Sometimes you can find things that fit perfectly off the rack, but you can also buy and invest in pieces that do not fit exactly right and make them look like they were made for you. Just remember, size up and tailor down.

13. Not sure about your personal style? You need to ask yourself what kind of image you want to project and what makes you feel the most confident. This will help you find your own personal style.

14. I look to iconic references in film and pop culture to inspire me. I like to keep things classic. Lauren Hutton, Ines de la Fressange, Carlyne Cerf, Talitha Getty, Patti Smith and Diane Keaton are some women I draw inspiration from.

15. Looking for chic brands that always look great on? The Row, Rag & Bone, Madewell, ALC, Isabel Marant, Chanel, and Zara are all great picks. And for accessories, Oliver Peoples sunglasses are always a go-to!

16. A major investment piece for fall? A cape—Chloé makes beautiful capes! Or a great vintage cape from NY Vintage or What Goes Around Comes Around.

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