Valentino Teams Up With New York Institution Casa Magazines

The collaboration is in honor of Valentino's new VLogo Signature book.

vlogo signature book
(Image credit: Valentino)

Located on 8th Avenue between West 12th and Jane Street is the New York institution Casa Magazines. If you head there from now through November 19, you'll see Casa's windows sporting a new look, thanks to their recent collaboration with Valentino. The fashion house just released their new coffee table book VLogo Signature, which showcases the iconic Valentino logo in a new light.

Sixteen independent magazines from across the world have been enlisted to create their own version of the Valentino logo in order to give it a fresh new meaning. Valentino's creative director Pierpaolo Piccioli curated the book, merging all of the new VLogo Signature images through illustrations, sketches, and signs. Maison Valentino partnered with renowned bookstores and newsstands worldwide to create these special installations.

vlogo signature book

Casa Magazines' windows featuring Valentino’s logo.

(Image credit: Valentino)

Casa Magazines is the perfect place for one of these installations. The shop has been a "downtown cool" staple for years, serving as a hub for print publications. Fashion, art, and media people alike gather here to browse through its over 2,500 titles.

But Casa is one of the last greats, and is currently one of the few magazine stores still standing. It was hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic: They have no e-commerce, and the loss of foot traffic was devastating. Luckily, they have a cult-like following and the community rose to the occasion. When the neighborhood heard that the shop had closed due to the pandemic, a GoFundMe page was set up and the donations began to roll in. Now, they have raised $26,078 and counting.

Many donations were accompanied with messages describing the store as if it were a cherished friend. “Casa Magazines is the heart and soul of the West Village,” one read. “Yes, it’s the wonderful newspapers and magazines they sell, some of which you will never get anywhere else in NYC, but it’s the humor and warmth and wisdom of Mohammed and Ali that make it indispensable. We can’t let them go."

While their doors were closed, Casa Magazines made sure to keep in touch with their community by regularly posting on their Instagram account, which is growing rapidly. Thanks to their fun and personal Instagram, Casa has become even more of a destination, with people making the trip and snapping Instagram pictures with owner Mohammed Ahmed and manager Ali Wasim.

Valentino is the latest to step in to help the beloved shop by donating a percentage of proceeds from books sold to Casa. The book will available from November 10-November 19 at Casa Magazines; various bookstores and newsstands worldwide; select Valentino boutiques; and online. Head over there now to pick up a copy of the book and snap an Insta-worthy picture in front of the window display.

Shelby Comroe

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