Project Runway: The Viewers Weigh In

The results are in! MC readers participated in our online poll of highlights and low points from the past 12 seasons of Project Runway. From the most entertaining challenge to Tim Gunn's funniest comment, see how the votes tallied up.

Project Runway Survey Trio
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Which one of Tim Gunn's comments was the funniest?

A. "What are you doing with those animal woolly balls?" (18%)

B. "I see an homage to the menstrual cycle." (45%)

C. "It looks like a pterodactyl out of a gay Jurassic Park." (33%)

D. "She looks like an elongated marshmallow." (4%)

Which female Project Runway contestant could double as a fashion model?

A. SEASON 9 Anya Ayoung-Chee (65%)

B. SEASON 3 Alison Kelly (10%)

C. SEASON 8 Gretchen Jones (13%)

D. SEASON 11 Samantha Black (12%)

Which challenge was the most entertaining?

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Which challenge was the most entertaining?

A. SEASON 10 Creating a look for the Radio City Rockettes (27%)

B. SEASON 5 Creating a look for drag queens (46%)

C. SEASON 7 Creating a look inspired by the circus (13%)

D. SEASON 3 Creating a look for man's best friend (14%)

Who was your favorite guest judge?

A. SEASON 6 Christina Aguilera (5%)

B. SEASON 4 Victoria Beckham (33%)

C. SEASONS 2, 3, 5 Diane von Furstenberg (59%)

D. SEASON 9 Kim Kardashian (3%)

What was the most memorable moment in the history of Project Runway?

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What was the most memorable moment in the history of Project Runway?

A. SEASON 2 When Santino Rice imitated Tim Gunn (39%)

B. SEASON 3 When Laura Bennett accused Jeffrey Sebelia of cheating (7%)

C. SEASON 3 When Michael Kors brought his mom onto the show (9%)

D. SEASON 8 When Mondo Guerra spoke out about being HIV-positive (45%)

Which Project Runway look was most creative?

A. SEASON 10 Christopher Palu's Rockettes outfit (13%)

B. SEASON 7 Jay Nicolas Sario's burlap-sack dress (3%)

C. SEASON 4 Chris March and Christian Siriano's avant-garde gown (44%)

D. SEASON 12 Helen Castillo and Kate Pankoke's dress made out of sombreros (40%)

Which male Project Runway contestant was the biggest heartthrob?

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Which male Project Runway contestant was the biggest heartthrob?

A. SEASON 2 Daniel Vosovic (45%)

B. SEASON 6 Logan Neitzel (24%)

C. SEASON 7 Jesse LeNoir (20%)

D. SEASON 1 Robert Plotkin (11%)

What was your favorite Marie Claire challenge?

A. SEASON 12 Shoes First (winner: Helen Castillo) (5%)

B. SEASON 10 Professional Womenswear (winner: Melissa Fleis) (13%)

C. SEASON 9 Create a Look for Nina Garcia (winner: Kimberly Goldson) (55%)

D. SEASON 8 Create a Look for a Billboard in Times Square (winner: Gretchen Jones) (27%)

Which Project Runway contestant was the biggest drama queen?

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Which Project Runway contestant was the biggest drama queen?

A. SEASON 4 Jillian Lewis (8%)

B. SEASON 12 Timothy Westbrook (26%)

C. SEASON 1 Jay McCarroll (16%)

D. SEASON 9 Joshua McKinley (50%)

Which runner-up should have won?

A. SEASON 8 Mondo Guerra (63%)

B. SEASON 2 Daniel Vosovic (20%)

C. SEASON 6 Althea Harper (7%)

D. SEASON 10 Fabio Costa (10%)

Which one of Nina Garcia's comments on a look was most memorable?

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Which one of Nina Garcia's comments on a look was most memorable?

A. "You went from a wedding to a funeral." (10%)

B. "It's like the smock a dental hygienist would wear." (12%)

C. "It almost looks like she has a foaming vagina." (51%)

D. "We went from Marilyn Monroe to Frankenstein here!" (27%)

Which winning designer's finale collection was the best?

A. SEASON 10 Dmitry Sholokhov (23%)

B. SEASON 7 Seth Aaron Henderson (10%)

C. SEASON 3 Jeffrey Sebelia(10%)

D. SEASON 4 Christian Siriano (50%)

What was the best look done in an unconventional challenge?

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What was the best look done in an unconventional challenge?

A. SEASON 1 Austin Scarlett's corn-husk dress (39%)

B. SEASON 10 Ven Budhu's candy dress (29%)

C. SEASON 3 Mychael Knight's peanut-sack skirt and Mylar top (materials from a waste management facility) (18%)

D. SEASON 9 Olivier Green's pet supply dress (14%)

Which season as a whole was most memorable?

A. SEASON 1 (25%)

B. SEASON 4 (28%)

C. SEASON 8 (18%)

D. SEASON 10 (29%)

Which high-fashion runway model would you like to see walk the PR runway?

A. Karlie Kloss (38%)

B. Candice Swanepoel (22%)

C. Joan Smalls (13%)

D. Liu Wen (27%)