Justin Timberlake's Style Secrets

Justin Timberlake Fashion - Style Tips form Justin Timberlake

How has your style evolved, with you growing up in the public eye?

I never thought too much about the fact that I was in front of a camera—that's obvious by some of the outfits I've worn.

You started your own fashion line, William Rast, in 2005. What has being a designer taught you?

It's more about personal swagger than what you're wearing. It's an inner confidence, but not arrogance—like when you look in the mirror before you go out, and you're like, "All right, yeah." Some people wear clothes better than others because they just feel confident in them—or out of them. It's not about the actual clothing, it's about you.

How about grooming? What beauty tricks have you learned over the years?

I don't mess with my hair too much. I probably shampoo it only once every 10 to 12 days. Some people might think that's dirty, but I don't. My hair becomes too coarse if I wash it too much. Beyond that, I just let it do what it does. I have curly hair, obviously, so the more stuff I put in it, the worse it reacts.

Let's go back to the swagger. Any suggestions on how to up it?

Your scent is your personal swagger. It's scientifically proven that pheromones are the most attractive smell. I'm not a big fan of covering them up. I don't wear cologne all the time, but when I'm going out, throwing on the tux, I'll spray some on. It's like dress socks for dress shoes.

Is that how you ended up as the spokesperson for Givenchy's Play?

The ears, the nose, and the throat are all connected, you know. So scent and sound are related, too.

What about women's fragrance?

I'm a quintessential male who's more attracted to food scents, like vanilla. Men are just primitive. I don't mind flowers, but I don't want to be smacked in the face with a scent. My favorite perfumes on women are ones that I pick up after we get close, you know? I don't want to smell her in the elevator. I want to smell her after I go in for the kiss or when I whisper something in her ear.