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30 Wedding Gifts They'll Actually Use

Let's skip the blender this time, okay?

wedding gifts they'll actually use

Forget the bride and groom (or the two brides or two grooms), weddings can be more stressful for the guests—especially when you have no idea what to get the couple who has everything. There are a lot of factors that go into picking out a wedding gift: Are you actually attending the wedding? Skipping out because you can't afford that ticket to Hawaii? Gifting the present to your close friend? Splitting it between you and your partner? No matter what, you want to get them something standout that won't be re-gifted. Ahead, find 30 off-registry gifts they'll love (and actually use) no matter where you fall on the wedding guest list.

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For the Astrology Junkies
Star Map
Posterhaste posterhaste.com

The personalization options are endless on this star map that reflects the universe's placement on the couple's first date, wedding day, or a special event during their relationship. It's written in the stars, after all.

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For the Caffeine Addicts
Chambord French Press Coffee Maker
Bodum amazon.com

Never met a French press I didn't like. Be responsible for less-grouchy mornings and give the pair this beautiful coffee maker that looks like a piece of decor when it's not working its early-a.m. magic.

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For the Homebodies
Hammam Towels
Brooklinen brooklinen.com

Brooklinen's bedding, sheets, and towels are known for being incredibly high quality, especially for the price, and these Instagram-worthy Turkish bath towels are no exception. One side is smooth and the other is terry for easy absorbency.

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For the Hopeless Romantics
'Useless Magic: Lyrics and Poetry'
$20.67 (43% off)

Florence Welch is the living embodiment of romanticism with her soulful lyrics and Earth-friendly bohemian style. Welch's first published book—which encompasses her beautiful lyrics and poetry—is the perfect gift to give in the spirit of romance, and a more affordable option if you're not attending the wedding. Bonus if the couple chose a Florence + The Machine wedding song.

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For the Wine Connoisseurs
Tack Storage Wine Rack

If they can easily decipher between their merlots and their cabernets, great, but they're going to need a place to store them. That's where this hanging iron wine rack comes in handy. Throw in a bottle of nectar of the gods to top off their collection if you're feeling really generous.

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For the R&R Enthusiasts
Waffle Robe
Parachute parachutehome.com

When the honeymoon is over and reality kicks in, they'll feel like they're still on vacation whenever they put on these lightweight Parachute waffle robes. It doesn't have to be matchy-matchy either—the soft robe comes in grey and tan. (Remember, you'll have to buy two.)

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For the Practical Couple
Deco Marble Umbrella Stand
West Elm westelm.com

Unless you think umbrellas are a sham, the best thing you could do for a new couple is gift them a deco marble umbrella stand. It will prevent future arguments about the wet mess they left on the floor, and look c-h-i-c next to the doorway.

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For Paranoid Couples
Nest Security Camera
Nest amazon.com

No, this top-rated indoor camera isn't a gag gift. It's actually quite a smart investment for the couple who wants to keep an eye on their dog while they're at work or be on the lookout for ghosts.

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For the Design Aficionados
'The Big Book of Chic'

Assouline's The Big Book of Chic curates design inspo for days from internationally-acclaimed interior designer Miles Redd. The photography-driven coffee table book is something the couple might hesitate to splurge on on their own, which makes it the perfect gift from their good friend, you.

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For Fitness Junkies
Pro 900 Series
Nutribullet bloomingdales.com

No, it's not a blender—it's better. Make them a "healthy couple" with this powerful nine-piece NutriBullet set that includes a 136-page recipe book and a 32-page pocket nutritionist.

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For the World Travelers
The Bigger Carry-On
Away Away Travel

If you don't want to spend $450 on Away's two-piece luggage set, pick a color they'll both love and give them a chic suitcase they can easily share when traveling together or separately. Each piece comes with a built-in charger and the option to personalize the luggage with stickers.

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For the Entertainers
Baies Indoor and Outdoor Scented Candle
Diptyque net-a-porter.com

You know they would never buy a $340 massive Diptyque candle on their own, which is why it was clearly created as the perfect wedding gift. The cult-favorite candle is fit for both the indoors and outdoors, and it doubles as an accent piece. Their home will smell fresh with a sweet mix of floral and earth scents in no time.

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For the Movie Buffs
Kodak Ultra Mini Portable Projector
KODAK amazon.com

Make their apartment feel like an in-home movie theater. This tiny projector fits in the palm of your hand and delivers high definition picture quality. 

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For The Book Lovers
Agate Stone Bookends
West Elm westelm.com

These will turn the couple's book collection into an art piece. An assortment of colors and metallic detailing give these bookends a luxurious look without a hefty price tag. 

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For the Bad and Boozy
Wine Chiller
VINGLACÉ nordstrom.com

Like all of the best gifts, they probably didn't even know they needed this wine chiller.  It's made from vacuum-insulated stainless steel that will keep their favorite bottles cool for hours, so it's perfect for a romantic date outdoors. 

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For the Vegans
Vegetable Kingdom: The Abundant World of Vegan Recipes
$17.39 (42% off)

Even if they bonded over being vegan from the beginning of their relationship, every couple wants to try something new in the kitchen every now and again. This cookbook is full of modern vegan recipes that are way tastier than your basic tofu dish. 

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For The Music Lovers
P2 Portable Bluetooth speaker
Bang & Olufsen net-a-porter.com

Don't let this pint-size speaker fool you — it's super loud and can go for hours. Ten hours, to be exact.

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For the Self-Care Aficionados
Crystal-Infused Bath Soak
Jasmine Wilcoxson uncommongoods.com

Each one of these bath soaks will help the newlyweds get through anything together. After all, nothing beats a bath if you're trying to relieve stress after a long day.

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For the Writers
Personalized Hand-Written Letter Blanket
Diane Scaman uncommongoods.com

You can't get more personal than a one-of-a-kind blanket. Get their vows or the lyrics of their favorite song set in writing — they'll never stop thanking you. 

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For the Binge-Watchers
Roku Ultra
Roku amazon.com

If the happy couple isn't going to invest in cable, they definitely need a Roku Ultra to replace it. It connects with nearly every single streaming service (yes, even Disney+ and Apple TV) so they won't miss out on any of their favorite shows. 

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For The Restless Sleepers
Foam Mattress Topper
Casper amazon.com

Give the new couple the gift of amazing sleep with this foam mattress topper. If you can't buy them a whole new bed, this should suffice. 

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For the DIY-ers
Novogratz Constellations Removable Peel and Stick Wallpaper
Tempaper amazon.com
$28.79 (28% off)

Just because they're living in a rental apartment doesn't mean they can't design their space to suit their fancy. Simply peel this ready-t0-use wallpaper and stick it onto your wall! It comes in three colors, so it'll look perfect in almost in any room. 

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For the Bargain Hunters
Organic Garment Wash Percale Sheet Set
Allswell walmart.com

This affordable sheet set holds up against even the most expensive ones on the market. It comes in five colors and goes with every possible duvet options. 

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For The Morning People
Koffie Set of 2 Espresso Mugs
DANSK nordstrom.com

If the couple actually enjoys getting up early (can't relate), get them this mug set. They'll think of you every time they take a sip of their morning coffee.  

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For the Artsy Couple
Aria Mirror
Candice Luter westelm.com

Gather up your friend group and go in on this art piece mirror hybrid. Mirrors make any room look bigger, why not get one that also looks stunning? 

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For the Couple who Got Gifted Everything
Electric Air Fryer
DASH amazon.com

The couple was probably were gifted every appliance under the sun on their wedding day. Luckily, this air fryer is so small that it can fit anywhere on the counter or in any cabinet. The bright color will also help it stand out from the rest of the stuff they've got lying around. 

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For the Neat Freaks
Roomba 675 Robot Vacuum
iRobot amazon.com

They'll have one less fight in their first year—or ever—thanks to this vacuum cleaner. All they have to do is set it and forget it before having perfectly spotless floors.  

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For the Wannabe Hosts
Dinnerware Set (32 Piece)
Stone Lain amazon.com

If you know a couple with a massive family, get them a matching dish set. Not only can they use it in its entirety around the holidays, but they can also pull them out whenever their in-laws are in town. 

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For the Party Animals
Glass Champagne Coupe (Set of 4)
Estelle Colored Glass westelm.com

Upgrade your cocktail experience with this set of coupes. They're designed for champagne, but we won't say anything if you use them for other things, too.

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For the Maximalists
Pillowcase in UNWRP
UNWRP westelm.com

A fun pillow brightens up the whole room. When in doubt, gift them a pillowcase that they can swap out whenever they please. 

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