11 Lunch Bags You'll Be Proud to Carry Into the Office

I actually want to meal prep this week.

Stylish Lunch Bags
(Image credit: Courtesy of Modern Picnic/Design by Morgan McMullen)

In the summer, I always want to use my full lunch hour outdoors because of the warm-weather and prime people-watching opportunities. Since my monthly budget gets in the way of me splurging on yet another poke bowl, I bring food from home. This presents another conundrum though: I am in need of a cute lunch bag that I won't be embarrassed to carry in public. My tote bag just isn't cutting it anymore. Ahead, I present to you my best lunch bag finds so we can all eat outdoors (or at our desks) in style.

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Julia Marzovilla
E-Commerce Writer

Julia Marzovilla is an E-Commerce Writer at Marie Claire covering all things fashion, beauty, and entertainment. Offline, she’s most likely browsing the web for another pair of black boots or listening to music too loudly—often at the same time.