The Best Unconventional Engagement Rings

Badass brides only.

Street Style at Sao Paulo Fashion Week Winter 2017 - Day 5
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My friend John is the chicest person I know. Clad in Dior, and always perfectly manicured, I trust his style advice implicitly; from his ridiculously-small Jacqumeus bag to his stingray-finished coffee table, everything about him exudes style and understated opulence. He's rambled for years about his future Margiela engagement ring, and with its asymmetrical band and two half-moon diamonds, it's the kind of ring that could make anyone want to break away from the traditional rock. Unfortunately, the Margiela gem itself has been sold out for quite some time—a tragedy!—but more gorgeous, non-traditional engagement rings are available. For you, I went ahead and selected the very best.

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Katie Attardo

Katie Attardo is the Accessories Editor at Marie Claire, covering all things fashion and jewelry-related.