13 Exercise Skorts That Are Perfect for All Your Summer Activities

Run, bike, or hike in style.

Design by Morgan McMullen
(Image credit: Design by Morgan McMullen)

Exercise skorts give you the freedom of shorts, but the femininity and clean lines of a skirt. You can do just about every type of activity in a skort, from bicycling uphill to hitting a tennis ball on the court. In fact, the history behind this garment can be traced back to bicycling in the 1890s when trouser skirts, as they were called then, allowed women more freedom and mobility to get on a bike. (They looked very different compared to today's modern skorts, however.) Presently, many retailers offer athletic skorts that come in a range of colors and lengths, allowing you to feel comfortable and modest at the same time. You never have to worry about wind gusts accidentally lifting up your skirt because if it does, the pair of shorts underneath provide ample coverage. There's a reason skorts have stuck around for so long—they're cute and versatile—and we've rounded up our favorites this season, below.