The Best Sports Bras for Running, Yoga, Pilates, and Beyond

Your mission: To work out while looking cute.

happy female runner holding water bottle
(Image credit: Photo by Masego Morulane for Getty Images)

As someone who has tried almost every kind of workout, from yoga and barre to boxing and Krav Maga, I know the importance of wearing the right workout gear. (I basically invested in a whole new wardrobe when I took up running.) One of the most important pieces for any activity you partake in is, of course, your sports bra. There are so many options out there—but to narrow things down, you should pick one based on your body's needs and the type of activity you're doing (e.g. you'll want a moisture-wicking sports bra if you're doing a sweat-inducing workout like cycling). Ahead, I've rounded up a few of my favorite workout bras along with suggestions of which activity it's best for, though some can be easily interchanged.


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