The 24 Best Wallets for Women in 2024

Stylish and organized? Yes, please.

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Welcome to The Essentials, our series highlighting a must-have classic, key to building a timeless, pulled-together closet.

Wallets are the unsung heroes of our day-to-day. They hold and keep organized all of our MIVs (most important valuables), which means that finding the right wallet is one of the greatest (and most overlooked) ways to ensure our days are organized and our processes streamlined. A good wallet that works for your lifestyle will keep you moving effectively and efficiently, preventing you from misplacing your most sensitive items. But since we all have different needs and lifestyles, the best wallet for you depends on a number of factors, including your job, fiscal preferences (i.e., whether you have two cards or two dozen), the size of your tote, purse, or work bag, and even the activity you're engaging in that day.

"Shopping for a wallet is so personal," agrees Marie-Louise Winther, Vice President of Design at Dagne Dover. "Do you carry a lot, or are you a minimalist? Do you need help keeping organized? Is this going in your handbag, or are you carrying it alone?"

Seeing as there's so much to consider, I've asked Winther to describe the primary categories of the trusty wallet. In addition to explaining each type, they've also helped us round up the best wallets for women on the market today, spanning every category.

What To Look For In a Wallet

While there's no such thing as a one-size-fits-all wallet style, there are a few basic tenets of a high-quality wallet that any savvy shopper should look for when shopping for theirs.


First and foremost, Winther points out, consider the fabric it's made from. "The best fabrics wear well over time," they explain. "We know wallets get long-term, daily wear. They need to withstand a lot of bending, scratching and abrasion. The best materials for wallets are durable, age well and have high color fastness. Color fastness refers to a material's resistance to fading."

With this in mind, the first material she recommends is leather, saying that it "is durable and ages well for long-term wear," especially in the case of Dagne Dover's premium options. They also say, "The material gets softer the longer you wear it and has great color fastness." For those who don't like the feel of leather, they advise opting for cotton canvas, which is also durable and softens with continued use.

Another fabric they recommend is coated canvas, which "is durable, scratch resistant, and water resistant, and can endure long-term wear while protecting your essentials from the elements." Meanwhile, if you're looking to protect fragile items inside your wallet or pouch, they advise using a neoprene option (which happens to be Dagne Dover's signature material). They say it enables the bag to "cushion its contents, and it's water resistant, protecting your essentials from the elements." An added bonus? They say, "This material ages well with care and is easy to spot clean."

Best Bi-Fold Wallets

For the minimalist who carries only the essentials in their slimmed-down bag, a bi-fold wallet may just be the way to go.

"Bi-fold wallets have two panels and one fold, just like a book," Winther describes. "They are slim, making them easy to pack into your handbag or pocket."

But just because they're small doesn't mean they're basic. Winther says that bi-fold wallets come in a variety of sizes and can have a number of unique features, so you can select the option that's best for your needs.

"Smaller bi-folds are ideal for people who carry mostly cards and minimal cash," they explain. "Larger bi-folds are ideal if you want to carry bills and more cards. Some of these are also designed to fit larger items like a passport, so when you travel you’ve got everything you need in one place."

Best Tri-Fold Wallets

If a bi-fold wallet doesn't provide quite enough space for all your treasured items, you may need to size up—by just one panel.

"A tri-fold wallet has three panels and folds twice," says Winther. "These are what we usually think of when we think of a classic or traditional men's wallet. There is space for many cards, and can flat-pack bills along the back. These tend to be a bit bulky, but ideal if you usually carry cash and have lots of cards you need on a regular basis."

The extra pockets could also be helpful for anyone who relies on their wallet to keep them organized.

"If you tend to get disorganized, lean towards a wallet with many card slots and pockets to help you," Winther agrees. "Let the wallet do the work!"

Best Card Holder Wallets

Winther says, "If you’re a minimalist, go small." This, she explains, involves opting for a slender bi-fold wallet or a cardholder "to keep things light."

For the biggest minimalists among us, the latter is the gold standard. Winther describes, "A card holder is just that—it holds your cards. This is the ideal style if you function with minimal cards and no cash! If you don't mind folding your money or receipts, then this can fit that too."

While I'm not normally a cardholder gal, I love this style for when I'm on vacation and need to keep my room key handy. It's also great for going to the gym, on runs, or on hikes when I pack only the barest essentials.

Best Pouch Wallets

Winther says that while "a wallet is specifically designed to house money, cards, IDs and maybe coins or keys, depending on the size," a pouch, on the other hand, "is designed to carry your additional essentials." They say this can include "items like hand sanitizer, lip balm, pill case, tampons, and even some larger items like your glasses or phone, depending on the size."

A pouch may be the best bet if, like me, you often use your wallet as a wristlet when you're at a bar, simply stepping out quickly for lunch, or if you tend to carry lots of coins. It's also an ideal choice for travel. Indeed, Winther says that when you're traveling, it's best to opt for "a wallet that can house all of your essentials in one place, making it easier to keep your items safe and accounted for. This wallet should house all of your usual money, cards, and IDs but also a passport and potential foreign money you might need." And since coins are fixtures in many countries' monetary systems, the pouch is a perfect option for keeping everything in one place.

"If you want to take it a step further," Winther adds, "this could also house your keys!"

Meet the Expert

Marie-Louise Winther
Marie-Louise Winther

Marie-Louise Winther is the VP of design at Dagne Dover. Originally from Denmark, they're a graduate of Providence College and of The New School.

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