33 Luxurious Gifts I'm Buying Myself This Season

Because I'm worth it.

Isting image_The Anti-Gift Gift Guide: 33 Luxurious Things I'm Buying Myself This Season
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Now that the holidays are right around the corner, I've been adamant about bookmarking, taking screenshots, and adding every viable gift idea I come across to my cart in case it happens to work for one of the many friends, family, and co-workers on my list to shop for. So you can imagine that I've racked up a pretty impressive roster of the coolest gift ideas out there. (I have pretty good taste if I must say.)

If you're also the type of shopper who says "I'll buy one for myself too," then I think you'll appreciate this edit because I made it specifically with a little self-gifting in mind. If you ask me, you never need an occasion to treat yourself to something nice, but I'd say that the holidays and the end of another year are reasons enough. As the cast of Parks and Rec would say, go ahead and treat yourself to one or several of the 33 gift ideas in my cart. You deserve it.

This article was originally published on Who What Wear.