Everyone's Been Putting on Their Bras Wrong

We were grossly misinformed.

You might need to sit down, because what I'm about to say could change your life. Many of us—and I mean *many*—have apparently been fastening our bras the wrong way. Forever.

According to BuzzFeed, more than half of women admit to clasping their bras in the front, after which they spin them around, put them over their boobs, and continue on with their lives. Less than 40% say they put it on "front-ways" before they clasp in the back. 

Turns out, that's the recommended procedure, as it requires the least amount of pulling on your bra—which extends its life. But, of course, if you can't clasp the bra in back (or you just prefer the first method), experts say that's fine, too—as long as you don't put your arms through at the same time and pull up, thus stretching the straps.

I'll just say this: As a girl with an ample bust and T-rex arms, I'll continue with my front-and-swivel method, because I'm not about to take 10 minutes to put on a GD bra thankyouverymuch. I have more important things to do.

Jessica Alba says "Whatever"

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Head on over to BuzzFeed for more info and cool diagrams.