Call Your Grandma: Why This Old-Fashioned Jewelry Trend Is the Next Big Thing

You were always her favorite, anyway.

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Remember that scene in Never Been Kissed when post-makeover-montage Drew Barrymore goes "It's all about the horseshoe" re: her trendy, trendy necklace? "Of course I have total recall of anything that pertains to jewelry and rom-coms," you say. Good—because the new *new* horseshoe is a real throwback and not actually a horseshoe at all.

If you rewound about 100 years, you'd be back in the Victorian era and totally primed to be on-trend in 2016…if you did some smash-and-grab jobs on the society ladies' jewelry boxes, tossed the hair lockets, and kept all the cameos. But why miniature bas-reliefs of a woman's head? Why now?

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(Image credit: Courtesy of Jacquie Aiche)

Because Rihanna and Jacquie Aicheshe of the trust-fund-stoner marijuana leaves—said so.

Everything old becomes cool again when someone remembers it, but in this case, Aiche has brushed off a dusty motif and injected some anachronistic edge. In her new collection of rings, there's a fleur de lis but also a unicorn and an African bust, which would have been (duh) totally improbable the first time the cameo came around. (Heads up: RiRi owns this one.)

Worn on the pinky like a signet ring or as part of a one-a-finger grouping à la Alessandro Michele, the cameo goes even more vintage, but in a very timely eccentric-who-only-wears-19th-century-nightgowns kind of way. Now for the acquiring: Aiche's hand-carved bands will run you a few thousand (😬), but who knows? You could luck out with a family heirloom, kind of like this: 

Grandma: "Hi, honey! How are you? Have you eat—"



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