This 420-Friendly Designer Is Taking Jewelry to New Heights

It's lit.

Collage of jewelry pieces.
(Image credit: Courtesy of Jacquie Aiche, design by Katja Cho)

An invite for a carb party (#munchies) just landed in my inbox, so for today, that great national period of chill debauchery known as 420, AKA Weed Day, I won't need anything else except a Jacquie Aiche "sweet leaf" choker. And maybe one of her diamond halter bras.

Known for 1) Making the Body Chain Happen and 2) frosting celebrities such as Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Gigi Hadid, and Emily Ratajkowski—the current face of the brand—with earth-goddess-y jewels, Aiche excels at haute bohemian/lady-stoner accessories that never veer into "We get it—you smoke" territory. (Provided you aren't wearing her snakeskin lighter necklace while rolling a joint, that is.) Alongside the delicate rings, ear cuffs, and hand bracelets, a chambray shirt in collaboration with Mother rounds out the cannabis-themed part of the collection. As you can imagine, it's been quite the hit at Coachella.

On the horizon for JA: Native American turquoise charms saved over the years and strung onto long chains and cool-girl cameo rings—Rihanna owns the African mask version, so you know there's nothing stuffy about them. And that's the thing about Jacquie Aiche: It's for a girl who smokes and maybe spends too much on crystals like Spencer Pratt once did, but it's even more for a girl who's ballsy and proud. It takes guts—and no small amount of self-love—to wear a giant teardrop ruby on your sternum, after all.

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Chelsea Peng
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