The Only Two Kinds of Sunglasses That Matter Right Now

All others need not come out of storage.

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On Instagram, where trends are made and disseminated, two have bubbled up to the surface in the arena of protective eyewear. There's no fun in just giving it way, so a few hints to start: 1) The arguable accessories titans of today definitely played a part in these sunglasses' popularity. 2) So has nostalgia, particularly for the chunky frames of yore. 3) You've probably seen at least one plaintive "Where can I find these pls?" posts on your social feeds recently.

Give up?

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Behind Door 1, we've got the oblong Kurt Cobain. And behind the second lies the even-more-stylized cat eye, which is at its now-est when streetttttched out horizontally. For these, we owe Hedi Slimane and Alessandro Michele, who dug into the archives and brought these shapes back to prominence at their respective houses with the oft-photographed blue and pearly styles seen below.

So aside from their online popularity and designer associations, why do these feel so right *right* now? Because, like the cameo, they're just the right amount of old-new—never forget that the improbable squad of Katherine, Audrey, Grace, *and* Kubrick's Lolita wore them—plus, on their own, they're already such a look that the state of the face underneath doesn't really matter. A blessing for those not so confident about their unmade-up beach faces, but relax—even if it weren't 70 percent obscured, your bone structure can more than handle it.

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