One to Watch: You'll Want to Copy Every Single One of This Up-and-Coming Singer's Outfits

"No Lie." (Ha.)

Dua Lipa
(Image credit: Instagram)

Even though the loudest Instagram population is made up of those who've somehow rigged the lottery of life to get paid to loll around on white-sand beaches and hold up packets of fit tea (active ingredient: uncut speed), there are still some users who inspire genuine, not-even envy. Because you'd 100 percent Freaky Friday with them, with only a second's hesitation over losing your above-average knowledge of dank memes. (Not worth keeping. Sorry.)

Singer Dua Lipa, IMHO, ought to rank highly on your shortlist of life-switcheroo candidates. It's not only because she's talented, with a pleasantly crackly voice that sounds mature for her age—in a Roo Panes way, not an emphysema way. (Good luck not letting "No Lie" become the soundtrack to your dreams.) Nor is it that she's supporting Troye Sivan on tour, just two wunderkinds off to see the world. It's her closet.

To a teen-dream blend of velvet chokers and Vetements-y streetwear, the 21-year-old chanteuse adds grown-up touches that show she's as serious a fashion girl as they come. She's unafraid of *pink* pink, not that watered-down millennial stuff. Coolest-of-the-cool brands like No. 21. And OTK boots on OTK boots—though what a relief to know she needs assistance removing them, just like the rest of us.

So the red or blue pill? Like you even have to ask.

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