This Closet Concierge Service Might Have Just Cured "I Have Nothing to Wear"

Oh, did we mention there's a styling element too?

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It's mid-April, and in the fashion world, that means one thing: It's time for spring closet cleaning—time to stuff all your puffy jackets back under your bed and flaunt your summer florals instead. But, ugh, wouldn't it be a lot easier if someone lent you a hand in the process? Once again, Alexandra Wilkis Wilson, former cofounder of Gilt Groupe and Glamsquad, is here to save our lives with a wardrobe concierge service called Fitz. Here's how it works.

Step One

Two stylists, three hours, one day without your clothes.

Not one, but TWO stylists come in to consult your closet.

This may be a little hard for those of you who will hold onto to that one T-shirt you wore to that one concert 10 years ago, but take a deep breath—it'll be worth it. Fitz sends two stylists (legit, fashion-industry pros) into your closet to remove EVERYTHING to do some serious organizing. But why two? The better to settle a difference of opinion. Prior to their arrival, Fitz will also send you a survey so your stylists come in super prepared.

Fitz then arranges your closet by item type and color creating the ultimate Fitzified closet.
Renee Rodenkirchen

Step Two

Once the Fitz stylists have gone through and organized your clothes, it's time to say goodbye to the jeans you bought 5 years ago and have never worn. They'll go through every single piece of clothing with you, deciding what can stay and what has to go. Then—ladies-on-the-go, this is the best part—Fitz has partnered with trusted services to make it easy for you to resell, donate, tailor, and repair shoes. (They come in with boxed and shipping labels, so you don't have to do that part either.)

Say goodbye to the dreadful haul to UPS with 50+ bags of clothes.
Renee Rodenkirchen

Step Three

You have professional stylists organizing your closet, but they're also there to style. As they edit and organize, they'll also look at your closet with a fresh pair of eyes, coming up with outfit ideas, whether you need an ensemble for a hot date or a big Monday-morning meeting.

It's like getting ready and picking out what to wear with your best friend, every day.
Renee Rodenkirchen

And now...the before and after.


We've seen worse...
Renee Rodenkirchen

After, a Fitzified closet

*Dream closet*
Renee Rodenkirchen

Now it's your turn—go to and use code FITZMC to get $50 off your first appointment. You're welcome.

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