This Linen Dress Has the Internet More Torn Than, Well, *The* Dress

Chic or "who would pay money for this?"

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The year was 2015. That February, a lady posted a picture of a dress that would destroy more friendships than Monopoly, launch a thousand memes, and change science ever after. We were so young then, so unprepared for what was about to come—which, two years later, looks to be a sort of The Dress II, albeit in a less visually dramatic but equally vigorous way.

This is what we mean: Sleeper's linen lounge dress, which has split the internet to a depth nary seen outside the political sphere. As an exercise, compare the comments on this Instagram...

To those on the Facebook post promoting this story, where the fur continued to fly in that comments section too.

While the two audiences are ostensibly different, that still doesn't explain the divide between Team "So Cute" and Team "Dreadful Huge Red Tent," led by Captain Heather. To further complicate this case, the latter contingent might be interested to know that loads of fashion people, including Leandra Medine and Aurora James, have worn and liked said DHRT enough to make it part of their personal brands. (FWIW, this writer had been eyeing the DHRT for months, because it is one of those pieces that feels like not wearing real clothes at all but could have the unfortunate effect of looking like you're actually not wearing real clothes at the same time.)

But while studies helped elucidate how people saw The Dress as gold and blue—something about cones and rods, IDGI either—sometimes, fashion can go beyond facts and figures. So here we have The Dress 2017, in itself another phenomenon of perception.

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Sleeper's Loungewear Dress, $250


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