The Best Slip Dresses for Any Occasion

Could this dress be the most versatile one you ever own?

Woman in a slippdress
(Image credit: Getty Images)

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The 1990s gave way to a lot of trends that still remain relevant to this day, and chief among them is the slip dress. Born from the underwear-as-outerwear movement championed by Madonna and Jean Paul Gaultier, the slip dress quietly made its way from the shadows into the spotlight. With designers like John Galliano creating covetable bias-cut creations, once favored by Diana, Princess of Wales for Dior (opens in new tab), to the minimalist-chic slips that designers Calvin Klein and Narciso Rodriguez floated down their catwalks, to the grunge-inspired versions seen at Marc Jacobs' seminal collection for Perry Ellis, the slip dress became the era-defining look of choice. In the 30 years that followed, women everywhere have reimagined ways to incorporate this sexy-yet-versatile dress into their wardrobes. Whether layered-up for day with tights and a sweater, amped-up on its full-tilt sexiness for a night on the town, or paired-down with a T-shirt and boots for your off-duty day-to-day look, the slip dress might be the most adaptable dress in your closet. So, sit back,"slip" into something comfortable, and let's shop!

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