The Brow Factor

For the last six months I have been struggling to grow out my eyebrows.

For the last six months I have been struggling to grow out my eyebrows. I threw out my tweezers and vowed to let the three hairs that I called eyebrows fill in. But, the moment I saw those dark thick hairs sprouting up I bought another pair and tweezed away.

It was a sickness and I didn't kick the habit until a facialist warned me that I'd have to paint my eyebrows on for my wedding (in May) if I didn't stop.

So, for the last two months I've been tweeze, wax and thread free. I've also been walking around with what feels like two very unruly catepillars sitting just above my eyes.

I was going to let them grow more (to ensure there was enough there to create a sexy arch) but when I was invited to meet with brow expert, Eliza Petrescu (aka "Queen of the Arch") at Exhale Spa I just couldn't pass it up.

I sat down, she worked her magic and within 10 minutes I looked like a new woman. My brows were clean, shapely and my face was more balanced. Eliza likened her magic to a mahogany table after it's just been dusted. "You can't see it when it is dusty but when someone cleans it off - it looks beautiful." she said. And that is exactly what she did - she cleaned off all of the dust (read: straggly eyebrow fuzz) and completely brightened up my face.

Now, if that wasn't enough I also met with Red Zoe, Exhale Spa's Director of Skincare Development for a treatment called Eye Opener that uses light therapy to increase collagen production, decrease dark circles and reduce redness - and it did exactly that.

Bangin' brows, bright eyes and a spa that I'm sure I'll come back to - what more could a girl ask for?

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