5 Things to Know About SOREL's Mile-Long Fashion Show

The brand recently hosted a unique event in New York City.

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1.SOREL cast 100 women to walk in the show.2. There was a team of 64 hair and makeup artists backstage.3. The show featured 30 different styles of SORELs.4. All the shoes and clothing were donated to Dress for Success following the show.5. There was lots of bubbly to celebrate.

In early October, SOREL's fall collection fashion show began like any other—women marched down the runway in the brand's latest styles. When they reached the end of the catwalk, though, each woman left the building and continued strutting in their SORELs through New York City in what the footwear brand called the "Mile-Long Runway."

In case you weren't along the fashion show's path that day, we have the essential details for you—plus, some behind-the-scenes photos of the unique event. Here's the five things you should know about the Mile-Long Runway:

1.SOREL cast 100 women to walk in the show.

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No professional models on this runway—instead, SOREL brought in a diverse group of 100 women from all over New York City to showcase the fall collection.

2. There was a team of 64 hair and makeup artists backstage.

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The brand had a glam team backstage to help get everyone ready, too. And from what we can tell, these women had a lot of fun.

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The show began at 5:50 p.m. and for the next 90 minutes the women trekked up and down the city's elevated High Line park and through the Meatpacking District in color-block wedged Chelsea boots, high-heeled hiker styles, and puffer sneaker-style lace-ups.

The mile-long runway creatively highlighted the shoes' functionality as the women climbed stairs, hit the city streets, and walked through rain showers.

4. All the shoes and clothing were donated to Dress for Success following the show.

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(Image credit: SOREL)

SOREL partnered with Dress for Success, an organization dedicated to empowering women to thrive in work and in their lives. After the event, all 115 pairs of SOREL shoes and 100 different outfits—which were provided by Trunk Club—were donated to Dress for Success.

5. There was lots of bubbly to celebrate.

100 bottles, actually. The day was about showcasing Sorel's functional yet fashionable footwear—but it was also a celebration of a group of diverse and real women. The event ended with a toast to the women and their mile-long walk with 100 bottles of champagne.

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Maya McDowell

Maya McDowell is an Assistant Editor at HearstMade.