The Most Comfortable Bra I Own Is On Major Sale at Nordstrom

It's a real game-changer.

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In general, I am not someone who buys a new product based solely on its hype. Flash-in-the-pan products crop up on a daily basis, so I tend to sit back and wait to see which ones actually stand the test of time. That was the case for True & Co’s True Body Lift Wireless Bra. The seamless, pull-on option was everywhere over the summer, with reviewers raving about how comfortable it is, but I wanted to sit on it before buying one for myself. Now, I regret not buying one sooner. 

I never want to take this bra off. In fact, I often forget that I’m even wearing it—so much so that I’ve fallen asleep in it on more than one occasion. As someone who has worn her fair share of itchy, pinchy bras over the years, that's a claim that I never thought I would make. But here I am, talking about a stretchy, pull-on bra that virtually disappears under all of my white T-shirts, even in the summertime. Oh—and it's currently on sale for $29 on Nordstrom as a part of the site's Black Friday sale, so snatch one up for yourself before it sells out. 

True & Co claims that this bra is ideal for users with larger cup sizes and a smaller back, and I would agree with that. As someone with very specific bra size, it’s nearly impossible to find one that doesn’t gape at the cup or, adversely, barely cover anything at all. It's available in sizes Small, Medium, and Large rather than traditional cupped sizes, so finding your fit is a breeze—the largest size also promises to fit up to a 40DD.  

And no, this isn't your normal bralette, either. The seamless design lays flat on the skin, and the wireless construction somehow offers a world of support without feeling like you have anything on at all. Even better, the wide straps don’t leave my shoulders and back aching by the end of the day. The super-soft fabric feels light-as-air but isn’t see-through in the slightest, so I can all but guarantee that it will work overtime in your underwear drawer. 

Julia Marzovilla
Julia Marzovilla

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