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Katie Holmes' "Wardrobe Malfunction" Is Peak Outfit Goals

Katie Holmes shows major cleavage while hailing cab with Suri Cruise in NYC

If you had said the words "cashmere bralette" to me 17 minutes ago, I would have said, "no." That's it, just, no. Nope! Because what? A cashmere bralette?! What do those words even mean? What possible scenario calls for an undergarment made of ultra luxe, ultra warm material—a winter bikini top if you will? In what season would one wear such a thing? And to where?

Well, let Katie Holmes show you the way.

The actress stepped out yesterday (as actresses often do) wearing an oatmeal-colored cashmere bralette and matching cardigan from Khaite. The cashmere bralette is expensive, but I think I need it. I am a cashmere disciple now. I will follow Katie Holmes and her cashmere bralette anywhere. Also, I can't stop saying cashmere bralette. Which is funny, because that cardigan is equally fabulous.

The idea of a cashmere bralette has proved to be confusing to many, in fact. Photo service Splash News called this lewk a wardrobe malfunction, labeling its photo series "Katie Holmes has a wardrobe malfunction while getting into a cab while heading our for dinner solo in NYC." I understand the thinking here. Visible bra is not always intentional. And, to be fair, in the Splash photos, Katie is going full unbuttoned cardigan, which is A Choice! But hello, that is aCASHMERE BRALETTE. Show that sucker off!!!!

Katie Holmes shows major cleavage while hailing cab with Suri Cruise in NYC

Katie completed her outfit with a pair of straight-leg jeans, a simple black purse, and matching slides. And she looks so happy about it!!!

As for when such a look could be considered appropriate, the answer is, yesterday: August 27, because it's not too hot, not too cold, all you need is a cashmere bralette...and maybe a matching sweater. The bralette initially sold out in an hour, but it's back in stock now.

Clothing, Undergarment, Waist, Lingerie, Briefs, Brassiere, Lingerie top, Beige, Undergarment, Abdomen,

Khaite, $520


And here's the sweater:

Clothing, Outerwear, Sweater, Cardigan, Sleeve, Woolen, Beige, Neck, Top, Wool,

Khaite, $1,540


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