Jennifer Lawrence Will Convince You to Wear this Pretty Skirt Trend

Just in time for Spring.

I think it's safe to say that Jennifer Lawrence really keeps an eye on trends and It items, as she's frequently photographed walking around New York City in her off-duty time wearing the latest looks. This time, that trend was a skirt style that's getting lots of love among the fashion crowd.

Over the weekend, Lawrence was photographed in an oversize sweater, Adidas Samba sneakers, and a full white skirt. Even this past winter, full-white-skirt sightings on fashion people have been a dime a dozen, and brands were selling their versions of them long before the first spring items hit the shelves. That said, the trend still looks very fresh and is a welcome change from all of the ultra-mini skirts that have infiltrated the trend cycle for the past several seasons.

With that, keep scrolling for white-skirt outfit inspiration and to shop some of the internet's best versions.

Jennifer Lawrence white skirt

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On Jennifer Lawrence: Adidas sneakers

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White skirt outfit

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White skirt outfit

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White skirt outfit

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