Here's Beyoncé's Exact Workout, Broken Down Step by Step

We now know the secret to that bangin' bod.

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True to form, Beyoncé has delivered an unparalleled ode to Michelle Obama's "Let's Move" health initiative. As a tribute to the campaign's fifth anniversary, Bey posted one of her signature time-lapse Instagram videos showing off some considerable workout chops—and, better yet, a play-by-play of her go-to moves.

Since we'd go to any lengths to look like the Queen, we asked fitness trainer and master sports nutritionist Natalie Jill to break down the routine.

The Core: Standing Side Crunches

Beyonce Workout: The Core: Standing Side Crunches

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The secret to saying goodbye to that muffin top? Tone those obliques and combine it with proper nutrition. Start with feet shoulder width apart, core tight, glutes tight, then bring your knee up to meet your elbow. Start with 10 each side, but work your way up until you feel the burn.

The Core: Full Body Sit-Up With Medicine Ball

Beyonce Workout: The Core: Full Body Sit-Up With Medicine Ball

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This is a tough exercise and will really get you a strong core and a flat stomach. If you are a beginner, you can skip the medicine ball, or use something lighter in weight. Stretch your arms out over your head to get full extension and make the body as long as possible, then bring your arms up, while simultaneously bringing your knees up and feet in. As you get more advanced, never let your feet touch the ground and up the weight of the medicine ball.

The Arms: Weighted Alternating Dumbell Punches

Beyonce Workout: The Arms: Weighted Alternating Dumbell Punches

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Start with feet staggered. Whichever foot is forward, make two jabs with that arm, then a punch with the opposite arm. Make sure you rotate those hips on the punch. Remember: Jab-jab-PUNCH! Make sure you keep your core tight, stretch your body tall, and get those shoulders back after the punch. You don't want to stay rounded and forward—get extended, girl. Do 10 reps of jab-jab-PUNCH with left foot forward, then do 10 reps with right foot forward. Just remember, whichever foot is forward, that's the arm you are jabbing with. 

The Butt: Explosive Lateral Bench Hops

Beyonce Workout: The Butt: Explosive Lateral Bench Hops

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This is a great exercise for those glutes, and to get that booty that Bey is famous for. Keep your core tight the entire time. Start with one foot on a bench, and explosively jump and switch legs. Not only is it great for that booty, but it also conditions your lungs and cardiovascular system. Get that blood pumping with 20 hops (10 each side), and if you are more advanced, challenge yourself and see how many you can do in 30 or even 60 seconds.

The Legs: Forward Lunges

Beyonce Workout: The Legs: Forward Lunges

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Stand up tall with hands on your hips keeping your shoulders back. Then, step forward so that when fully extended your knee is in line over your heel, then spring back up! Beyonce is seen doing one leg at a time and then switching, but she's definitely had her practice. Start with 10 on one leg, then switch sides.

Hey, if it's good enough for the Queen...

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