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The super-hip Surf Lodge in Montauk, New York, has expanded its wellness program, and is now offering semi-private Pilates ProWorks classes like TRX in addition to their kick-ass weekend fitness classes, which run through Labor Day. Over the summer the property also hosted top fitness trainers like Jackie Dragone and Will Arrufat to lend their expertise. So before the cool weather set in, I decided to head east to the ever-so-trendy Montauk (along with the rest of Manhattan) to check out what all the hype was about.

After barely surviving the Long Island Railroad and going Hunger Games-style to get a seat on the train, I was thrilled when I finally arrived at the recently updated Surf Lodge. The beach-chic decor blended a laid-back California vibe (driftwood towel racks and beach cruisers) with refined touches like Caudalie toiletries and a fashionable boutique. After a couple of Chardonnay-infused Endless Summer cocktails, a workout class wasn't at the top of my list, but thankfully the 10 a.m. TRX class that I scheduled the following morning had stunning Fort Pond Bay views to keep my vacation vibe going. The hour-long session using suspension ropes to target the core and body weight for resistance was broken down into a series of intervals focusing on moves like bicep curls and chest presses that became gradually more difficult with each repetition. Although I dominated the lunges, the pike-crunch combo, where I had to get into a plank and elevate my feet in suspension ropes then squeeze my abs to pull my feet closer to my hands, was a whole other story. Even though I wasn't a total TRX-pro, the workout was a success and I definitely got a good upper-body workout. I'll absolutely do it again, but this time I'll be taking the Jitney luxury bus.

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