Cute 2020 Planners and Agendas to Help Organize Your Life

No plans = more room to doodle.

A collage of 2020 planners
(Image credit: Design By Morgan McMullen)

Folks, we're more than halfway through 2020—and although we haven't had too many places to go since March, it certainly doesn't mean we've been any less busy when it comes to work deadlines and happy hour Zoom calls. There's been a lot of mercury retrogrades and uncertainty, to say the least, but the one thing in our lives that can remain constant is our planner. Organize work meetings, socially-distant road trips, and self-care dates with these cute daily, weekly, and monthly agendas, below.

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Rachel Epstein is an editor at Marie Claire, where she writes and edits culture, politics, and lifestyle stories ranging from op-eds to profiles to ambitious packages. She also manages the site’s virtual book club, #ReadWithMC. Offline, she’s likely watching a Heat game, finding a new coffee shop, or analyzing your cousin's birth chart—in no particular order.