The 12 Best Laptop Backpacks for Women in 2023

Stylish, take-anywhere backpacks that fit your laptop (and everything else, too).

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If you’ve recently started commuting to the office again, you know how important it is to find one of the best laptop backpacks to bring with you. While, yes, a regular cotton tote bag would probably cut it, there’s nothing worse than losing your keys, wallet, or your daily planner at the very bottom of your bag. Not to mention, having a secure, zipped-up spot for your laptop or work phone is a game-changer. So Marie Claire chatted with the experts—a.k.a. women who love having a laptop bag for work and know a thing or two about what to look for—about the very best work backpacks that hold your laptop. 

A step up from even the very best work bag, the laptop backpacks on this list make light work of carrying all of your essentials—be it a bevy of charging cables, a water bottle, or a change of gym clothes. And while all of the backpacks on this list are designed with function in mind, many of them are just plain stylish, too. Some are made from leather for a sleek, on-trend look, while others are made from water-resistant nylon or canvas. Ahead, we asked Cuyana co-founder Shilpa Shah (opens in new tab) and Bellroy's Co-Founder and COO Lina Calabria (opens in new tab) for their picks, in addition to rounding up a few of the laptop backpacks that keep the team at Marie Claire going from brands like Calpak, Longchamp, Herschel, and more. 

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What to Look For in the Best Laptop Backpack

Say no to compartment-less backpacks in 2023! Laptop backpacks are there to ultimately make your life easier, so look for ones that come with lots of nifty design details. Your commute will at least feel seamless if you don’t need to reach into your bag’s largest compartment to pull out one of your essentials every time you want to change a song or put your book away. 

"When shopping for a laptop backpack, organization is key!” says Shah. “I always look for thoughtful design details like interior pockets and built-in laptop sleeves to keep your essentials in place.”  

Tote Bags vs. Work Backpacks

While some prefer to carry a laptop tote bag, having a laptop backpack means that your commute will be hands-free, not to mention the security of zippers, the usefulness of pockets, and, oftentimes, more space for your belongings. However, the best laptop backpack "is the one that helps you both at work but also at the activities you do on either side of your work day, including your commute," says Calabria. "Right now I’m using a work backpack because I want to have my hands free on my way in."  

Still, the key to real versatility is having a few on hand that you can use as your needs evolve and change. "I like to have different work bag options and then I choose the bag that suits what I need to get done on the day," Calabria says. "By using a couple of pouches, switching bags on a day-to-day basis can become pretty quick and easy."

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