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Cute Desk Accessories to Make WFH More Enjoyable

Step away from the couch...

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Within a matter of days, coffee tables became desks and hoodies became an acceptable form of office attire due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The transition from heading to an office everyday to working from home hasn't been easy, especially when there's no physical separation between the latter anymore, but carving out a sacred space to do work (and work only!) can make a major difference in work-life balance...and sanity. After you've created a special workspace beyond the couch, accessorize with these cute desk accessories, below, to spark joy in these unpredictable times. After all, it's really about the little things.

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1 Franklin Desk Riser
Urban Outfitters

No more stacking magazines on top of each other! The first rule to working from home is finding a cute desk riser that will make you look 10x better on those Zoom conference calls. 

2 Weekly Desk Pad
Rifle Paper Co.

A weekly desk pad like Rifle Paper Co.'s will help keep track of those last-minute deadlines your boss decides to throw at you. 

3 Hey Dewy Portable Facial Humidifier
Hey Dewy Revolve

Now more than ever, self-care should be a priority. Hey Dewy's portable facial humidifier can connect directly to your desktop or laptop, keeping your sinuses clear and skin hydrated while you stare at the computer screen for 1,000 hours. (Just me?)

4 Sutton Desk Collection

Loose papers and pens belong in this gorgeous cup and paper holder. 

5 Headphone Stand
Yamazaki Burke Decor

Alexa, play "Work from Home." Instead of throwing your headphones on the couch after a long day, place them on this classic headphone stand, where you can easily grab them the next morning for your daily jam sessions. 

6 Blush Magazine File Box

For all of the print magazine lovers out there (have you subscribed to Marie Claire?!), keep your favorite issues in this blush file box next to your laptop for some mid-day inspiration. 

7 The Vintage Vogue Linea Coasters (Set of 4)
West Elm

Working from home also means staying hydrated from home. Keep a cold glass of water next to you throughout the day and place it on these gorgeous coasters. If you don't end up using them, they still make a great piece of decor. 

8 Stacked Logo Mug
The New York Times

Trustworthy journalism has never been more important. Support The New York Times and drink your morning joe out of its signature logo coffee mug. It will look great on top of those coasters.

9 Leopard Print Notebook

Papier's customized leopard print notebook encourages daily journaling on lunch breaks for a little stress relief. (Yes, you should still take your lunch breaks!) 

10 Kikkerland Design Wireless Charging Pad
Kikkerland Design Urban Outfitters

Thanks to Kikkerland's wireless charging pad, you can charge your phone right next to your mouse. It's especially useful if you don't have an outlet near your new home office space. 

11 Snap Bolt Picture Frame
Alexandra Von Furstenberg Nordstrom

Every desk requires a chic frame like this one from Alexandra Von Furstenberg, placed with a fun picture inside to reminisce on better days with family and friends. 

12 Magnus Table Mirror

No need to walk from the living room to the bathroom to throw on a little gloss before that Zoom meeting. 

13 Agate Bookends
West Elm

These agate bookends will receive endless compliments from your colleagues when they spot them in the background during your meeting. 

14 Take Care Art Print

Hang up this "Take Care of Yourself" art print behind your computer screen to remind yourself it's okay to step away and take a socially-distant walk outside to get some fresh air. 

15 Voluspa Limited Edition Cut Glass Jar Candle
Voluspa Anthropologie

Candles may not fix our problems, but it definitely helps take the edge off when your home smells like a delicious mix of orchid, white lily, and spring moss. 


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