So, the GOP Website Published Trump's Fake News Awards

And the internet is losing it.

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'Tis the season for awards shows, and Donald Trump graciously presented us with his own. Last night, he announced his winners—or rather "losers"—of the "Fake News Awards." Via Twitter. Obviously.

He tweeted out a link to the list of 11 awards that are now live on the GOP's website—which stopped working for a bit because so many people were trying to access it.

The highly anticipated awards had lots of Twitter users talking—mostly about the ridiculousness of the the whole event, but also about what Trump could have spent his time doing instead and why the national GOP website decided to post the awards. Here are just a few of the best reactions:

Chrissy Teigen

Mark Hamill

David Martosko

Noah Shachtman

JayMac News Show

BenGarrison Cartoons

Jimmy Kimmel

Richard Hine

Luke McGarry

Joyce Carol Oates

Palmer Report

William LeGate

Ambrish Saxena

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