Anti-Donald Trump Messages Appear in the Sky Above Rose Parade

"America is great! Trump is digusting."

(Image credit: Twitter)

Crowds normally flock to Pasadena, California's annual New Year's Day Rose Parade to check out all the fancy, flowery floats, but this year, everyone's eyes were glued to the sky as anti-Donald Trump messages flew across the clouds. 

Soon after the parade kicked off, skywriters got to work dotting the sky with sentiments like "America is great! Trump is disgusting," "Trump is a fascist dictator," and perhaps the most straightforward of all: "Anybody but Trump"—which ended up becoming a trending hashtag. 

National ad firm, Air Sign, proudly took credit for all the aerial sass aimed at the current front-runner for the GOP presidential nomination:

After relentlessly attacking Megyn Kelly for no good reason, insulting Carly Fiorina's face and making fun of Hillary Clinton's hair (he, of all people, right?), this kind of feels like perfect payback, no? 


(Image credit: Giphy)

Trump has yet to respond to the messages. 

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