Here Are the Best and Worst States to Live If You're a Woman

Based on healthcare, wage gap, political representation in state government, and more.

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What factors into a woman's choice of where to live? Proximity to family, friends, and a good job, perhaps, or visions of perfect weather and wide open spaces—any or all of these traits might lead a woman to unpack her bags and settle into a place. New research from ranks the best places for women to live based on a state's policies and statistics, because hey, maybe one's future wage potential is a pretty good aspect of lifestyle!

MoveHub compared info from the National Partnership for Women and Families, Violence Policy Center, Kaiser Family Foundation, and more to examine the status of women in each state. They considered items like a state's wage gap, women's access to healthcare, number of attacks on women, and women's representation in state government. Drum roll for the results...


1. Hawaii

2. Vermont

3. Minnesota

4. Illinois

5. Maryland


1. Oklahoma

2. Louisiana

3. Utah

4. Mississippi

5. South Carolina

What makes Hawaii so fab? Well, 94 percent of women there have healthcare, and it has the lowest rate in the country of women being murdered by men. Oklahoma, meanwhile, has a state legislature that has introduced 15 pro-life bills so far in 2017, making it a very difficult place for women to receive unbiased health services.

Plus, yes, Hawaii seems like a really beautiful place to live.

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Kaitlin Menza