In a Very Special Episode...Jill Biden?

Michael Edwards

Talk about a casting coup: On August 15, Lifetime's mushy military melodrama, Army Wives, will welcome none other than Second Lady Jill Biden as a guest star. Biden will play herself in an effort to "raise awareness of the service of and sacrifices of our men and women in uniform," in a scene where she speaks with real-life army wives about what living on post is like.

A basic cable network show on a channel infamously built on reruns of Designing Women and craptastic Tori Spelling movies like Mother May I Sleep with Danger? may seem like an odd fit for the VP's main squeeze, but the well-received Army Wives has proved to have a solid following, and as MC points out in our profile of Dr. Biden in the July issue, with her son Beau only recently back from a tour in Iraq, the subject matter hits close to home (even when said home is located on the grounds of the United States Naval Observatory).

Check out more surprising reasons the woman known as Dr. B might be ready for her close-up, including her own fiery battles (with hair dryer), why she's a natural at memorizing lines, and how she remains camera-ready in our exclusive day-in-the life of Jill Biden.

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