Christina Hendricks Has Something to Say About Equal Pay

Not so modern, after all.

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The Mad Men offices are known for many things, but gender equality isn't one of them. Innuendo that would be labeled sexual harassment today runs rampant, and beyond the secretaries, the agency's employee demographics are almost entirely male (with a few exceptions: Thank you, Peggy Olsen).

Christina Hendricks, the bombshell actress who plays powerhouse office manager and partner Joan Harris (nee Halloway), took her 1960s era office behavior to the modern world in a new mock-PSA from Funny or Die. After confusing her co-workers with her lack of knowledge about cell phones, inability to work a computer, mid-morning martinis, and unappetizing lunch choices (it wiggles), she explains that in the US, women still make less than men for doing the same job, and 70 percent of part-time workers are female, while just 15 percent of Fortune 500 CEO's are male.

We're not about to give up our modern technology, but Hendricks makes a good point—our employment numbers need to catch up to our fast-developing technology, quick.

Modern Office with Christina Hendricks from Funny Or Die 

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