Who Should Star as Hillary Clinton in Her Upcoming Biopic?

It was only a matter of time. Last Friday, news broke that a new screenplay based on the life of one Hillary Clinton is currently in development. Rodham, written by South Korean rookie Young Il Kim, follows her through the 1970s as she navigates both her own career and the career of her then boyfriend, Bill. More specifically, it highlights her role as one of the attorneys on the House Judiciary Committee during the time of Nixon's impeachment.

Obviously, this is the best movie news we've heard in months. We at MC are so Hillary obsessed, and for good reason. The woman exudes a near unparalleled level of political prowess, while also maintaining her femininity and, thanks to Amy Poehler's SNL depiction, now legendary laugh.

Which brings us to the very important topic of casting decisions. Young Hillary needs to be assertive, yet must contain an element of naivete that comes from still being in the early stages of one's career.

After seeing Evan Rachel Wood rock it in Ides of March, another political thriller, we think she could tackle the role. Our December cover girl Jessica Chastain has also proven that she can handle heavy roles (and she's gotten some major foreign affairs training with her starring turn in Zero Dark Thirty). So perhaps she's another contender — that is, if she's willing to go blonde. Oscar and Golden Globe-nominated Chloe Sevigny has that vintage, blonde ambition vibe that could also nail a '70s-era Hillary.

Regardless, the leading lady has big shoes to fill — botching a portrayal of Mrs. Clinton could seriously injure an acting career.

Who do you think should play a twenty-something Hillary Clinton? Tell us in the comments!

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