Tennessee Woman *Shuts Down* a Republican Town Hall About Obamacare with One Epic Question

"As a Christian, my whole philosophy on life is pull up the unfortunate."

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Republicans in Congress are currently coming up with a plan to repeal Obamacare—but many of their constituents are speaking out to make it clear that they are not doing so with full support.

Republican Rep. Diane Black held a town hall about the Affordable Care Act in Murfreesburo, Tennessee, and several of her constituents gave passionate defenses of the Affordable Care Act and why it's important. CNN reports that one of her constituents, a 35-year-old teacher named Jessi Bohon, was visibly emotional as she gave a powerful defense of why the individual mandate to have health insurance is so important. Here's what she said:

Rep. Black responded to Bohon by saying that the individual mandate still allowed many people to be insured. "About 20 million people did actually come into the program who were uninsured," she said. "You don't want to hurt one group of people to help the another. We can help both groups at the same time."

"How many of those people were in states where they played a political game with people's lives?" Bohon retorted. "I'm going to pass this one," Rep. Black replied.

Bohon told CNN that she voted for Hillary Clinton in the presidential election, and said that growing up in a coal-mining town in Virginia taught her why helping the needy was so important. "Growing up in the community that I grew up, in Appalachia, because we were so poor there that we had to take care of each other," she said.

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