What's Your Favorite Song to Make Out To?

I have programmed an entire list of songs to play in case I'm lucky enough to bring a lady home - it is entitled "Passout." I feel inclined to share - hopefully some of you can download these tunes and share your thoughts.

With iTunes I can program an entire list of songs to play in case I'm lucky enough to bring a lady home. The iTunes playlist on my computer is entitled "Passout." Classy, right?

But I need to avoid the plight that happened to one guy my friend Margaret was making out with. When they started to make out, he smoothly pressed "shuffle" on his iTunes and eventually Hanson's "Mmbop" polluted the room.

My shuffle would be even more dangerous: I have Disney songs, disgusting rap songs and the entire clay-mation "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer" (holiday classic) soundtrack in my iTunes. So, unless I was with a girl named "Clarisse," it probably wouldn't be the best idea for "There's Always Tomorrow" to pop on, mid-makeout.

Margaret mentioned to me that she likes to make out to "Your Body Is a Wonderland," by John Mayer. I really hate him. I gave her another shot and she mentioned Tim McGraw. I don't know much about country, but the last thing I need to hear is some guy lamenting his girl who left him because he drank too much whiskey.

So when Margaret put me on the spot by asking what I would put on my makeout mix, I felt inclined to share. Hopefully some of you can download some of these tunes and share your thoughts:

Wake Up, I'm Leaving by Velocity Girl

Slow, echoing, haunting guitar instrumental. Makes me melt every time I hear it.

Exit Out by Black Heart Procession

This song comes in with a solitary drum and then a beautiful piano line appears. Another instrumental-much longer than the Velocity Girl track.

The Rain Song by Led Zeppelin

This is one of Led Zeppelin's most beautiful guitar compositions. Eventually, stringed instruments come in and there is even a louder explosion toward the end of the song. This song "moves" really well.

To Here Knows When by My Bloody Valentine

My Bloody Valentine's music has a "pulse". This song sounds like a collage of voices, flutes, and guitar swells contracting and heaving. It sounds like your speakers are working extra hard to get the sounds to come out right. It's easy to get lost in, just like it should be easy to get lost in the person you're with. The lyrics are muddled, but one of the lines seems to say: "It's been so long..." I take this to mean "it's been so long since I've been with someone who's worth it." Always great when you realize that!

The Sprawl by Sonic Youth

There are few guitar players throughout history who can make a guitar sound sensual. Thurston Moore is one of them. This song seems to be, 

Wax, Flame, Publication, Cylinder, Book, Book cover, Writing implement, Stationery, Candle, Fire,

(Image credit: Archives)

judging from the lyrics, about a hooker:

"To the extent that I wear skirts and cheap nylon slips, I've gone native...come on back to the store, you can buy some more..."

Haunting and unromantic, yes. But at the end of the song there is a long guitar composition that basically sounds like the listener is in the presence of life being created. It is textured and somewhat atonal, so you may want to save this for when things get a little more "chaotic" in bed.

Golden Slumbers by The Beatles

Sometimes, mid-makeout, it's nice to hear familiarity and the Beatles are always good for that. This little ditty has a great, calming piano theme (I always find that piano is sexy). And I love the line:

"Golden slumbers fill your eyes, smiles await you when you rise...sleep little darling, do not cry, and I will sing a lullaby."

Spaced by Smashing Pumpkins

This under-the-radar Pumpkins track is a pretty, strange tune with a jazz beat and echoing guitar along with a melancholy vocal that sounds like it's being transmitted from a radio...and it does sound like you're in outer space.

Green Arrow by Yo La Tengo

Slide guitar, shakers, and crickets in the background make it sound like you're outside on a perfect Summer evening.

by Hope Sandoval

This is just Hope Sandoval floating her beautiful voice over a chiming keyboard, acoustic guitar, and an electric guitar treated with backwards effects. Her voice always sounds like Heaven, but this song really accentuates it.

Makeout music should not take away from the moment, but should support it.

It should not distract you. I like to think of making out as time where you're lost in someone, so I look for tunes that I can get lost in.

What songs get you going? What are your essential songs for getting it on?