3 Ways To Say "I Love You"

Here are a few nice ways to say "I love you"

The great flexibility in language allows us to say things in so many different ways. So, in honor of Valentine's Day, here are a few nice ways to say "I love you":

Create It

All great artists create from inspiration. So, when an artist falls in love, it stands to reason that he or she may create things in honor of that love.

If you have an artistic talent, you can create an original way to say "I Love You": write a song, paint a painting, write a poem. Don't overdo it. Like all surprises, it is more impactful to come out of the blue with it. Creating something doesn't just show someone you love them on actual Valentine's Day. The creative process takes time, and commitment. Cooking dinner for someone can even be a creative endeavor. Don't be intimidated if you're not a "skilled" artist. Your loved one may appreciate it even more if you give it a shot creating something outside your realm of expertise. It's an adventure for both of you. People know that it takes your own blood, sweat, and tears (unless it's like the gifts I used to "make" for my mom when I had no money) to create something.

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Ok, I'll admit that I need to improve my listening skills. I can be looking right at your face while you're talking but it's literally going in one ear and out the other. I've observed this conflict in a lot of relationships-guys don't listen. But what if a guy is secretly listening during all of those shopping outings you take together, or all those times that you mention: "you know I really love this," or "it would be nice to have that?" If he dutifully makes a mental note, saves up and buys the perfect gift that you mentioned three months before, out of the blue, it shows he remembered what you said. Hey, maybe he is listening after all...well once in a while.

Making little sacrifices also shows that you love someone. Perhaps your significant other likes a particular movie genre or music that you're not into. Don't make yourself miserable by attending these events all the time. But some time you could take the initiative to invite them/pay for tickets to something they love that you are not "required" to attend regularly. When I meet the right girl, her company will count more than the venue or event. So, I suppose, I could go see Britney Spears with her and be happy...maybe.

Write It

Letter writing is so underrated. In this world of instant messenger, email, cell phones, texting, it's become a lost art. We've forgotten the power of hand-written letters through time: they get people out of prison, they declare wars, they negotiate peace, Jack the Ripper taunted the police with them, they act as timelines for people who have long since passed. It doesn't have to be that dramatic when you write a letter, but it will have a huge impact. I mean, who writes letters anymore? If you can remember how to write with a pen, you should definitely try this. It takes time, and a lot more effort to actually hand-write a letter. Remember, also, that letters can be packed in envelopes, so they are like little gifts. I once wrote a letter to a girlfriend who I saw every day, but I snail-mailed it. She was so touched because it surprisingly showed up in her mailbox-so you can even change up your delivery methods to add effect. A hand-written letter is much nicer to cherishthan an email or a text message-these pieces of data must be deleted to save space for future messages. A hand-written letter is classic and time-tested-it's a little landmark that says "I love You". But remember, hand-written words can be immortal: while an immortal "I Love You" is a great thing, it is racked with bitterness if things some day turn sour between you.

"I Love You" takes only a second to say, but a long time to do. If you work hard to say it once in a while it goes a long way, and it's a great way to include a part of you in the message. Having a little surprise element is great too because someone may know you love them, but they don't expect you to show it in a particular way.

What's the best way anyone ever said "I Love You" to you? Do you have other ways to say "I love you," and what's the best way you said "I Love You" to someone? Would it have a big impact if someone did any of the above things for you?