I Flirt! With a TV Talking Head! In Line at the Grocery Store!

But there's a catch ...


So, I've been sort of reclusive this week--staying home because I feel too fat to go out! But I did see the light of day yesterday when I went uptown to visit my shrink and run a few errands. Afterwards, I swung by the Upper West Side branch of my gym. While there, on the summit trainer, I checked out some CNN segment; a bunch of talking heads were discussing Obama's foreign policy. One of the commentators was a young, attractive lady journalist with an awesome head of hair--and the best blue nail polish I've ever seen. There she was on CNN, being a total bad-ass--talking about geopolitics, achieving world peace, beating terrorism--all while wearing blue nail polish. Are some people just too cool, or what?

After I was through sweating, I headed over to Whole Foods in Columbus Circle to pick up a few things: broccoli, spinach, blueberries, those glorious little satsuma tangerines, that 365-brand peanut butter (which is the most delicious kind in the world), yogurt, organic milk. As I made my way towards the line, I saw that it was one of those terrifying snaking things, reminiscent of the line that must form whenever the next round of American Idol try-outs is announced.

I figured it was a good thing that I have 600 more pages to go in the book I'm reading, Middlemarch, since I'd probably finish the novel and be able to make it through the latest issue of the Oxford American Dictionary with time to spare before I got to the cashier. I was just pulling my book out of my bag when I realized I'd forgotten coffee beans.

I glanced over my shoulder to see if the customer behind me seemed like a nice person, the kind who might be sweet about it if I asked if I ran off to get one last item, or if he was more of a Hannibal Lecter type who might try to eat me for dinner if I tried anything funny. ... As it turned out, a young attractive woman was standing behind me. Looking at her, I thought: Wait a second. I know her. Which party did I meet her at? ...

Wait ... It wasn't a party! She's the CNN bad-ass!

I opened my mouth to say something, then turned back around, thinking, She doesn't want to talk to you, silly, in your spandex and hoodie and trucker's hat! She was just on TV! And you're just some schlub coming from the gym! But then I reminded myself that part of the reason I'm doing this blog is so I can flirt more, and connect more. And sure, mostly I want to connect with single dudes. But as Neil "The Game" Strauss told me, the more I get used to pushing myself out of my comfort zone in all sorts of situations, the better I'll become at flirting.

As it turned out ... she seemed excited that I'd recognized her! And even though she was with her photographer-boyfriend, she told me all about the TV experience; she seemed full of excitement and adrenalin (as I'm sure I would be). The time flew as we talked about our lives as writers. Before saying good-bye--before I walked off to check-out counter #21--we'd exchanged email addresses.

Even better than emerging from Whole Foods with my favorite peanut butter was walking out of there having made a new friend. So ... I'm glad I took the risk and said hello, instead of just burying my nose in my book.


PS: A quick update on my
weight issues

I saw my doctor Monday night, who agreed that I had gained enougt weight to warrant concern. (Arrrgghh! I wasn't just being neurotic! I am plump!) She switched my anti-depressant medication* so I'm hopeful--I'm praying--that I'll shave off the poundage I've put on. I've also been trying to make some exercise-related changes to up my metabolism. I wonder if anyone would be interested in a post on how to boost your metabolism?** (To help you lose weight and get ready to date!) ... Anyway, I'm a little out of it this week, because I'm on a lower dose of meds as I wean off one and go to another, so I'm not sleeping, again. Forgive me if I'm less coherent than usual.

*She's taking me off Paxil, putting me on a lower dose of Lexapro and adding in some Wellbutrin, in case you want to know. I also happened to chat with a nice physical trainer yesterday who told me she has seen countless patients who have uncontrollable weight gain when they take anti-depressants that fall in to the SSRI category--and that she herself had also gained an agonizing amount of weight when SHE started taking an SSRI! I love her, because she looked at me--in my gym gear, which doesn't hide much--and said, "But YOU don't need to lose any weight. Really. I can understand you feeling unhappy because your clothes don't fit right any more--that would bother me too. But you're really fine."